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Korean Skin Care Tips For Age Range : Skin Texture Care 20's

Skin Texture, That Represent Your Age

As you approach the end of the 20's you'll start to see wrinkles, large pores, darkening spot etc. (NOOO!!!) For 30's it's the skin texture that can make your skin look older. You will start to notice that your skin texture start to show signs of aging. The only way to stop is PREVENTING. This is why I suggest all 20's to start your anti again care now. I will promise you will regret it when you turn 30. If you spent your days in 20's without much care and at your 30's it's okay. Its not end of the world... yet. Don't give up hope. I will explain more further down below.

Your BEAUTY will only stay when you took care of it early on. 

The 20's Skin Texture Care : Honey Soaked Skin

Your goal is to have honey soaked skin. I sometimes call it dewy skin but in Korea we call it 'Honey Skin(꿀피부)'. If I elaborate on it, it means having skin that has sparkle, moist without greasy oil and it should be transparent. I don't mean skin that seems like its going to start dripping, but something with more moist and smooth looking skin that is tight. 

To have a sparkle skin from the inside you will have a long way to go. You can start by going for the skin care basic routine. But I want to tell you more about inner beauty in this post.

You want good amount of water drinking habits. I am not talking about sports water in Korea we call these pocarisweat(포카리스웨트). Tea and coffee don't count either(sorry it doesn't :P). It has to be pure water. Also eating various type of fruit and reducing your stress and having good enough rest should work with the good skin care routine in order for this to work.

The first thing you need to do for a 'Honey Skin' is taking care of your dead skin layer, aka doing exfoliation. By doing good cleansing you are allowing unneeded dead skin to drop off with the friction of your hand and heat. However too much deep cleansing can ripe off the protective barrier your skin has causing sensitivity to the skin. I like to use Gel or liquid type of peeling with good moist finish like Missah D-Tox Peeling Gel. Or use soft cleansing foam. I do have cleansing oil that has exfoliation effect but I find most of them has oily finish which Korean Brands need to work on *Ahem*. 

After exfoliation I tend to do sheet mask for deep moist but if you don't have sheet mask you can apply moisturizing serum or cream twice more than you normally do. Or you can apply good facial oil on the last step of skin care. If you are not sure how to do skin care do read my Korea Skin Care Routine. If you want you can even shop and get massage cream and do the massages that you get in beauty shop. This will really help your skin in so many ways.

This is not some special care, it's something you should do basic. Please don't get this wrong and start peeling ever single day. If you are using products that is for peel use. I use this once a week, for sensitive skin do it twice a week. Extremely oily skin should do once every 2~3 days. There are products that has exfoliating effect inside skin care, you can get those if you want to care for your exfoliating daily. 
Exfoliating is not special care, it's BASIC

Trend in Korea Skin Care

The 20's trend in Korea is spraying product. It's a rule to try to keep your hands away from your face but now by spraying they are getting rid of all the touching hands that is need for skin care. Did you know Scinic was the start of all this? They made this spraying cleansing that has micro small bubbles that can softly melt off thick dead skin cells and has moist finish. Well this was merely the beginning and it started to spread in all types of skin care products. I was surprised that Scinic popularity didn't grow by this product but their clay mask. But they should push their spraying skin care products into the market.

If you wish to take a look at Spray Scinic Product Here's the link
No Touch, No Touching on your Face Ever!

I liked spray type of product because there is no need to get your hands dirty or sticky and makes the whole process clean. There wouldn't be any contamination into your products so it will not cause any skin problems or skin troubles or even allergy. I like the micro spray which makes the skin care well spread without applying too much and too little on one side. For makeup you can just use brush or puff and you can finish the makeup without having to wash your hands!


Its always the biggest concern among 20's. Actually there is very little skin that is sensitive enough to call "Sensitive Skin". But why is it still a problem most 20's experience? I think it's because as you spend more time, money and care into your skin the less time you give your skin to recover. This could be over use of deep cleansing, using a lot of makeup without any knowledge of how to clean it, too much peel gels or even too much clay mask.

When you feel sensitivity, I suggest you to use the least amount of moisturizing products you can. That has very little ingredient list. I tend to use only deep water sprays that you can buy in drug stores. By this you are giving your skin time to recover and let your skin barrier strengthen. Anti wrinkles and Whitening products should come after. If you use these product with sensitive skin you are trying to build a sky tower on a sand. It will sink and fall!

Sensitivity tend to happen on the 1st layer of your skin which is the part where you dead skin cells are. So once you got your skin barrier up everything turns back to normal. As your skin texture finds it's normal pH, less blemishes will happen and less dryness will occur. This will really help you makeup to work better with your skin.

More Tips for Sensitive Skin

Use about 3 products. Soft liquid cleanser, strong moisturizing product and at least SPF 50 sun block. Also these product ingredients must be good and not dangerous. You can see the cosmetic ingredient list here.

Remember to not to change your skin care products too often. Because your skin was made to adjust to the environment causing your skin to stress having to getting used to new environment over and over again. It's like moving to 3 different middle school and having hard time making friends. If you change your product too often your skin might react more sensitive than normal.

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Estella Roy
Estella Roy

About the Author : Born in Korea but lived overseas for 12 years, loves Korean Skin Care. Back in Korea and enjoying her hometown more than ever! Loves buying Cosmetic and Skin care and loves to share that opportunity to her readers! See her shipping delivery on her private google community.


  1. wish I saw this when I was in early 20s ;((

    1. it's not too late! Start caring for your skin now ;(

  2. so, what do you mean sensitive skin shud use LEAST amount of moisturizer (not much ingredients) and then you say STRONG moisturizing product? which one's true estella? :-?

    for acne sensitive oily (is it too much?! :d) isn't it enough moisturizing using just emultion lotion? or estella, you know many range of products nowadays did come with moisturizing function, like first essence, repair cream (which is actually not a moisturizing cream)

    1. Sorry if I confused you,
      Here's the thing, if your skin is sensitive it's best to use least amount of products as possible but you still need to do strong moisturizing for your skin so that your skin can protect itself and stay healthy. (or get healthier)

      Emultion and lotion. Hmm I would rather use a better cream than lotion. Also try using Aloe products or honey products those tend to be very moisturizing and also helps with sensitive skin.

      Also Dear, what do you think cause your acne? Oil clogging? Dryness? Allergic Reaction? Diet you have? Lack of drinking water? Stress? Hormons? You gotta know what is causing your skin so sensitive in order to understand how to cure it dear.
      But I assume it's because of oily skin? Well, than you need to do deep cleansing once a week, always keep your pores clean before you use any cosmetic.
      All your cosmetic should be oil free. Before sleep cleanse well your pores (make sure no oil is suck inside) do sleeping pack or sheet mask or both.
      Do a weekly exfoliating and pore tightening care.

  3. wah estella!! let me bow x-)

    sensitive oily skin shud moisturize everyday estella? or just do like weekly DEEP moist care is enough?

    yeah I already know what causing it estella, but like I said to you, the biggest prodblem is just, when I don't do cleansing at night. you know, exactly the day after, I wake up with bumps in my face!! horror!

    please recommend estellaaaa emergency products that cure accidental pimples for ONE NIGHT?

    that won't cure as soon as I need it!!! (more horror!)

    hum.. is it okay to exfoliate once a week for sensitive skin?

    you mean moist sheet mask rite estella? believe it or not, sheet masks just worsen my condition that is already cured .

    1. Of couse you should moisturize everyday dear, and deep moist care on the evenings.

      Always cleans off your cosmetic before sleep dear and do your deep moisturizing before sleep.

      Dear, there is no such thing that will cure pimples in one night... that's why it give girls headache. That's why it's best to prevent it happening the first place. Usually if you get rid of what caused it it will die down a lot. Like I get pimples when I am not not moisturized and ate too much chocolate. I do deep moisturizing and deduce my junk food and it that's the fastest way to see result FOR ME. Because that's what cuased it. If your pimple keeps coming because you are not doing cleansing than do cleansing dear.

      How sensitive are you? If you are going to use peel gels I suggest once every 2 weeks if you are really sensitive. If not you can go for products that has BHA inside skin care like the mizon BHA ampoule

      ?? If sheet masks down't work for you, try sleeping pack.

    2. in your sensitive skin test post, It came out that my skin isn't sensitive...? but don't know.. my mom's skin had been told is sensitive, and that my mom said our skin is sensitive :-d :-?

      AH ESTELLA! may I recommend? ........... Innisfree's trouble spot wr has been told really do a good job and I've tried those.

      uh oh, and this is the thing estella, I worried if I got the sleeping pack, I couldn't layer my lovely skincare products? (b)

    3. Just because your mom is doesn't mean yours is, my moms skin and my skin is different too.
      well, try various skin type test dear to make sure
      If you were in korea you can easily find a free testing machine XD
      Is there one there over where you live dear?

      Yeah, heard about that.. but I didn't see much difference so I kinda let others do the review XD I can't review and recommend something I don't believe in

      Ah, it doesn't matter dear, sleeping pack I wear it on my night skin care all the time
      As long as it soaks in XD

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