Friday, August 5, 2016

Ladyfoxblogger] IS IT WORTH IT? Most EXPESNIVE Cushion Top 2 Comparison Review

Call me crazy. But I decided to do this comparison review for no real apparent reason. It is indeed extreme diet for my wallet but I wanted to go on an adventure. Also curious if expensive = quality in Korea Cosmetic. Today blog post is about "Korea Made Most Expensive" two cushion comparison.

Top Most Expensive Two Cushions

My choices was Amorepacific Anti-Aging Color Control Cushion (102) which is 87,000kwn(About $89USD) It had a refill cushion with the actual cushion so not SO bad.
Actually I should have bout 101 because color 102 was bit dark around color Hera 23 but it turned out more natural makeup base.

And Another one is Sulwasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening (color 21) which is around 60,000kwn(about $62USD) It has a refill cushion too with the actual cushion. I wanted to get that limited edition that came out around May but I couldn't.

This is the limited edition cushion case I missed.... So pretty.... i would have love to keep it and use it if any of my refills fit.
Image From Naver Blogger That Was Lucky To Get One For Her Birthday.
So basically this month I spent more than 100USD for two cushions with two refills...

Cushion Review

I personally like the look of these cushion not cheap quality like cushions from Etude House or anything. Doesn't look like it will break easily so I'm okay of the quality of the case. Like the clean looking white sulwasoo than gold but still I'm happy with the overal look.

Mirror and Case Comparison

The size is similar and case thickness is quiet similar to Amorepacific Air Cushion. They both have mirror but Amorepacific seems to be bit wider.

Cushion Puff

I like the thickness of both of the cushions, which is much better feeling when using than other cheaper cushions. The two cushion pretty much the same other than the color. Both are thick enough and has a good sponge feeling so that when you tap it wouldn't feel like you are punching yourself. High quality puffs here so much softer to the skin than cheaper blue ones. So far I don't see big difference between the two other than the colors and designs. I believe it will all come to one thing, Color.

Cushion Cream

As you can see there is a huge color difference let me break it down to you all.

Amorepacific Anti-Aging Color Control Cushion (102)
Is more a natural color and seriously what's with the clinging strength of the cushion?!! It's fabulous! No matter how much you fix your makeup it doesn't cake, the makeup stays on moist for a long period of time. It's not water glow but a very natural glow too.

Personally this cushion is not for oily skin. It might be too greasy for skin that has too much oil during the day. It can melt this cushion if under the sun.

Coverage is very natural. It can't cover up my pencil liner only make it fade a little. Other than the coverage and high price I personally like this cushion better than Sulwhasoo.

Sulwasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening (color 21)
Sulwasoo is exactly the opposite of Amorepacific. It has much better coverage, it covered up my 3 little acne on my hairline. It's more closer to water glow and since it's more water based it does disappear faster than amorepacific. Also if you are not too careful, if you fix your makeup too much on specific places you might find it might turn out too thick. 

It has a more powdery finish and I like the soft powdery feeling afterwards. The color is more focused on brightening up your skin.

Both are high cost and has their own merits. My personal favorite is Amorepacific I would go buy the cushion if and whenever they do 30% discount on the product. For sulwahsoo I love the coverage defiantly one that I pick up when I need to cover up some acne. But if you get too greedy it can turn out cakey. 

Lady Fox
Lady Fox

About the Author : Born in Korea but lived overseas for 12 years, loves Korean Skin Care. Back in Korea and enjoying her hometown more than ever! Loves buying Cosmetic and Skin care and loves to share that opportunity to her readers! See her shipping delivery on her private google community.


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