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2013 Skin Food, Face Shop, Nature Repubilc, Innisfree, Leneige My Favorite Skin Care Product Line, for Oily Skin / Combination Skin!

I had a beloved comment from a reader
who wanted me to suggest product line for the following brands
Skin Food, Face Shop, Nature Repubilc, Innisfree, Leneige.

You all know I love to help, as I think and write 
Hey, it might be helpful to other people too!
So I decided to put up my reply in a post.

(Thank you Snow Doll for this idea!)

I might do series of this for other skin types and other brands too
But for today the brands are following
Skin Food, Face Shop, Nature Repubilc, Innisfree, Leneige.
Skint type is
Oily Skin / Combination Skin
What product features I'm looking for
When did these product opened?
I'm going to only look at the newly lines that came out in 2013

This post is all done by mainly my opinion,
So this can be different among people,
It's just a suggestion so you don't have to do as I say XD

Skin Food

Skin Food, has a nice whitening product line, Though higher price than the other brand, I think their product is nice.

(If the price is high you don't need to buy all the line, just few of them will work)

I would recommend the Tomato Whitening Product line,
The reason why I choose this Line?

I like this line because it's good for sensitive skin too
Combination skin may be bit of skin problems around the oily part of their skin
but this product wouldn't worsen the skin problem and also have whitening effect!

They have Toner > Serum > Emulsion > Whitening Serum > Cream
**This is the order you apply them**

If you are interested in buying this line,
But you are worry about the cost.
You don't need to buy them all
Toner > Emulsion > Cream
(Rest is just extra, and since there is so much your skin can absorb don't need to buy so much.)

Other Skin Care product I wish to recommend

Black Sugar Black Serum
It's almost a toner, the liquid nicely clean up your skin
and your pores
(not for sensitive skin)

Face Shop

When I think of The Face Shop I think the Mango Seed Product Line
This product has been beloved steady for a long time.
These cream tend to be thicker so it's more for winter use than summer

I like the Clean Face Line
I know,,,, this line has a lot.
What I suggest is buy
Cleansing > Toner > Essence > Cream > BB Cream > Sun Cream

What's those blue cases?
Those are Clean Face Blemish Zero Clinic Line
Those are for people with harsh skin
and has a lot of skin troubles
Many Sensitive skin use this
Even people who just had acne treatment I recommend use these blue cases for recovering
Cleanser > Toner > Solution

I like the Clean Face line because these all are OIL FREE
And helps with skin troubles,
If you are not VERY VERY sensitive skin I feel it's okay to use this.
Plus, this product has a very fresh feeling afterwards
But no whitening effect.

SMIM Radiating Product Line is good too,

I had few friends who are allergic to alcohol had reaction to this product.
People with sensitive skin should NOT use this.

Other than that I like the clean feeling and oil free!
Emulsion  > Toner > Essence > Moist Cream 

Other Products to recommend
They have one of my favorite moisturizing cream
Chia Seed Moist Cream

it has 0% oil, GMO FREE and Best to catch all those white dead skin cells!

Natural Republic

Nature Republic has my favorite Moisturizing Cream!
The Super Aqua Max Combination Moisture Cream
I like this product because they divide the types into three
for the Oily / Combination / Dry Skin
So you can buy according to your skin!
Combination (Green) / Dry Skin (Pink) / Oily Skin (Blue)

But since this is not a whitening product.
Something with whitening effect line the best one is probably the
Whitening Collagen Product Line
They have Cream, Eye cream, Essence, Fluid, Skin Booster
All you need is the
Skin Booster > Essence > Cream

I have sensitive skin and didn't have any skin trouble.

There is also the Aqua Line
This is for people with skin trouble

They have Toner,  Emulsion, Essence,  Eye Cream,  Emple
All you need to buy is
Toner > Emple Essense > Emulsion > Cream
Nice Whitening product for people with bit of skin trouble
Also helps control the skin color so it will turn evenly
(I honestly won't recommend to sensitive skin it has Vitamin C in it and sensitive skin lacks absorbency and vitamin C around the skin can just irritate your skin. )

Another Product Line is 
The First Product Line
The First product line has A lot of products like 9 of them + 3 masks

I like these product because first off it's made very safe, 
It's not tested on animals, and took out 7 chemicals
This is not a whitening product but it has a fresh finish
Which many oily skin people like.
This may brighten up your skin but maybe not skin tone up
Nice moist and I didn't feel oil when I used this.

Since there is so much All you need is
Toner > Emulsion > Ample Essence > Cream
If you want you can get that sunscreen and BB Balm


Innisfree has a lot, I mean a LOT of skin care product brand lines
Innisfree divide the line by the main ingredients
Green Tea/Olive/Volcanic Cluster/Eco Science/Peas/Oysters/PineCorn/Raspeseed Flowers/Viza/Green Barey/Minium/Camelia/ and LOTS MORE!

It was hard for me to choose the best of best!
Frankly I haven't used all of them to actually recommend
But If I had to choose,
I would go with SoyBean and Green Tea

SoyBean Brand Line

The reason I like the Soybean Firming line is because
It does has little bit of whitening effect and I feel it's good for combination and oily skin.
They have Skin, Lotion, Serum, Eye Cream, Tightening Cream, and Neck Cream
I did an review about the Neck Cream
Again you don't need to buy all of them 
Neck and Tightening Cream and Eye cream is if you want to take care of your wrinkles before they even show up!

I started using eye cream since High School
Because I didn't like those eye wrinkles that start to show up at end of 20!

Green Tea Brand Line
They have the Normal Care and Summer Care and the Optional Care
Normal Care has
Serum > Skin > Lotion > Essence(no longer available) > Eye Cream > Seed Cream/Pure Crema/ Deep Cream (You get to choose one of the three)
Summer Care has
Serum and Seed Cream
Optional Care has
Mist, Mineral Mist(fog type), Mineral Mist, Sleeping Pack

The reason I like this brand is because
All skin types without worry can use this brand
(okay maybe sensitive skin people might be worried, because we are each allergic to different things.)
But I like how it cares for your skin and moisturize it
Even in the summer it doesn't feel stuffy or sticky
and I like the soft finishing feeling it gives after use!
This is probably one of my favorite brand line.

Other than the Ingredient brand line there is also other products
I liked the White Tone Up Line

The reason I like it because I started using this when I had bits of sensitive reaction but I was surprised this tone up line actually cured a bit of my acne. 
Unlike other whitening cream, this cream first clear up the skin and than slowly whiten up my skin.

This line has 
Skin > Lotion > Essence > Eye Serum > Cream 
Sleeping Pack and Mask
Essence had fast reaction so I was afraid to use it often because,
Fast Reaction = Strong Chemicals
I think all you need to buy is
Skin > Lotion > Cream


Laneige is bit expensive than other brands,
But if you are like me,
Who doesn't care for prices as long as they work
Read on!

(Laneige don't allow me to take their pictures to let you see :( )

Currently France Sparkling Water Line is GREAT!
Really, great, the only reason they don't sell as much is because of the price
This line has Essence and Jelly Cream and Mist
Thanks for my friend who lend me this pic XD

I like the whitening effect and the very refreshing finishing touch.
Even Dry Skin people liked these product.
The reason you can trust this is a good product is
One of my friends is oily skin and even with the harsh price
She bought 5 of these! XD
Of course I would go over and use some when she is not looking. LOL

If you are looking for cheaper price
White Plus Renew

The brand line consist of
Emulsion, Skin Re finder, Night Cream, Treatment EX, Eye Cream and Plus Renew
If you can't get any of these product
I would recommend at least try Plus Renew because I think it is one of the top Korean Whitening Product!

Laneige has a lot of good stuff, but because of the price it's better to buy good products from each line,
Another Nice Brand Line is
The Water Bank Line

They have a lot of product but I think all you need is one Cream
The brand line itself each product has so much moist
and there is so much moist face skin could absorb
So Just buy one cream product
Lady Fox
Lady Fox

About the Author : Born in Korea but lived overseas for 12 years, loves Korean Skin Care. Back in Korea and enjoying her hometown more than ever! Loves buying Cosmetic and Skin care and loves to share that opportunity to her readers! See her shipping delivery on her private google community.


  1. Thank you for this post! I've tried some of the products that you've recommended in this post previously. I'm currently using Laneige water bank line now! (: We don't have the france sparkling water line here in sg! What effects does it have? Whitening? (:

    1. Whitening and nice moisturizing~, the product liquid is very soft so it doesn't feel harsh. Water bank line is nice too :)

  2. I love the Tomato line from Skinfood! I find that the serum really makes the products more effective.

    1. I know right? XD I guess I recommend the right products!
      I like the serum too, the sent seems light and delicious :P
      But I didn't recommend them, because the cost is expensive to buy every single one of them

  3. Hii, can you recommend me which whitening product I should try with low price?
    My skin is kinda dry. Because it has so many products, im kinda confused haha

    Thanks in advance

    1. If you are looking for a product specialized in dry skin, I'll go with natural republic

      If you are looking for something fro whitening product Skin food tomato line is good :)

  4. can you tell me which product is best for my skin.
    My skin is oily.
    Skin Care Products

    1. You can try out Face shop chia moisturizing cream and for other skin care products how about Natural Republic line I introduce above? How about innisfree green tea line? for skin care it's mostly personal preference so do check out other reviews about the products to decide :)

  5. Hi estella, i think the brand 'Benton' need some love, my skin is very sensitive (even innisfree jejubija line breaks me out) and i've been using benton high content snail line(essence, lotion, steam cream), and the aloe propolis gel, my skin fell in love instantly. You should try them out!

    1. Hey~
      Benton, is a western brand, I do compare sometimes with western brands but not a review individually because I declaired myself as Korean Cosmetic but I'll think about what you said dear, I used Benton myself and they are a very natural ingredient products that is really worth it.

    2. I see, but i thought Benton is a korean brand, because i had them shipped from korea [-(
      And this: (if i may put a link here)

    3. Oh LOL, I seem to somehow thought that Benton was western brand. now that I look it up I can see that you were right! =))
      I'll upload something that might interest you dear XD

  6. what products should i use for my face?
    my face is combination of both types and what products should i use to whiten my freckles?

    1. You should use products that is not oily and has bit of whitening effect. innisfree green tea is a nice not oily product and SMIM Radiating Product Line is a nice fresh feeling whitening line

    2. thanks!! where can i get it? can i get it online? which website is more reliable and is cheap?

    3. Well, there is a lot of online shops out there, but I can not say it's reliable. I know there is a lot of websites if you google, but I haven't used any of them.
      Why don't you try googling I see they search out the website for you.
      If you ever get lost, remember that I can always get it for you in Korea. Here's a link all about my event to my readers :

  7. Loved your post! Can you recommend me the best korean products for very oily skin with very very very wide pores and for whitening as well? I don't like to use too many products on my face (unlike koreans) so, can you recommend me only the basic ones?

    Thank you!

    1. Hmm, Pores you have to care for special mask or pact if the pore is too wide for just cream and stuff. I suggest after face wash use black sugar black serum to clean off oil and things inside the pores. Chia Seed Cream for moist (even oily skin need moist) After that you can just use a nice cushion or foundation that covers pore nicely. Right now I can't think of a nice makeup base... Hmm,,,, could you perhaps email me?

  8. Hii I m very worried about my skin tired of changing products my skin is sensitive and I got acne problem because of this my skin is now very dull with acne marks and open pores pls suggest me wht series I can go in skin food Thanks a lot.

    1. If you skin is so sensitive that its hard for you to find products, I think you should read one of blog post about sensitive skin care post :
      There are few other brands more suitable for your type of skin, I've introduced it here :

  9. Hi... i'm searching for best product to my skin. My skin type is combination(cheek a little dry, nose oily and pores a little big). I'm trying other product like roc etc. But the moist effect did not last longer. When i wash it, my skin feels tight and dry.

    1. Oh yeah... can you recommended clenser to? I have problem with comedos.

    2. I think you are oily on the outside but dry in the inside, you should use products with moist and very little bit of oil For cleanser what do you prefer? Oil cleansing or foam cleaning
      I think Oil cleansing might be better because it helps with dry parts of the skin, for the oily parts of the skin you can use skin care products with little oil

    3. Ok. I will try oil cleanser. But i'm so confuse. Because there are much brand.What do you recommended?(include cream,cleanser and other that needed). This is my first time to use korean skincare. So i'm not really understan about the step by step.
      ( sorry for much question,LoL)

    4. =)) I know that's why I both love that I have so many choices of brand and both hate it that I have to test each one to see which is the best. For oil cleanser Etude House seems to be doing the best for most of my readers. for cleansing foam.. oh that's hard... there is so many, is there something you like from the products I introduced?

    5. Hmm.. may be i want to try innisfree. But i'm not really sure about the which line. I'm in indonesia. So hot here. Espesially this week. Very hot. Maybe there is non commedogenic product? ( i will try etude cleasing oil)

    6. Hmm, if the oil is heating up your skin and you feel it's redening your skin, you can do the cleansing only at night before sleep. But this is for your dry skin rather than your black heads.
      For your black heads there are pore cleansing products that you can use for more concentrated care. For innisfree there is the jeju mask and green permission line for pore tightening

  10. Hello I am from srilanka and need to whiten my skin by august for my wedding at any cost.i am quiet dark..could please help me find a good whitening cream. I have been reading about you recommend it?
    Many thanks

    1. Hmm for fast whitening there is usally skin care gift sets in beauty shop that cares for women before marriage. These works fast in Kr, not sure how well developed it is in your country. There is also Haute Skin whitening mask which did fast whitening for me :

      Daily skin care product will increase the effect, there is Su:m whitening line I have introduced in my post. And I know IOPE luminous line is also great with whitening. Glutathione I seen this in drug store products with whitening. I this this is also a great ingredients to try. Oh for whitening effect, there is this product that worked for me so well :

  11. Hi, thx a lot for your information about all kind good products for oily skin. All that stuff is really new for me, so i really...really confused. i used to use doctor care product before i knew in my country there is a lot of doctor using steroid in their product skin care. It is scary me. Soo...with your information i found the direction hehe. But there is 1 thing i want to ask, for nature republic product, you said skin booster, essence, and cream is the important care we have. You mean whitening collagen 90 skin booster rite? I heard that for oily skin, collagen will make pimples in your skin. Can it be happen? Is it fine for oily?

    1. I see, the skin booster I meant for Whitening Collagen Product Line but it seems like the brand discontinued the brand and brought out 90 skin booster. I do find it's okay for oily skin even acne-prone skin. I think because collagen is made for moisturizing that's is why it might feel heavy for oily skin but I don't think it makes pimples. But these days fermentation products are more a hit than collagen. This is writen a while ago so I might have to make another list of brand recommendation XD

  12. Hi! I'm from the philippines, are you too? anyway, thank you for your review about these. it really helps me, but can you also help me on what whitening soap and brand to use? you see, i have a really fair skin, because i'm a have japanese, but now i have an uneven skintoned :( what should i use to have my normal skin again. huhu. please help me :(

    1. First of all you have to figure out WHY? your skin changed, and fix that problem before you start stocking up expensive products without actually fixing the problem. I can do more detailed help if you email me and ask me. Because there is not much information here on your comment

    2. I think its just because of the sun. What products do you think i should use? :) i'm hoping for less expensive, but if none, its okay as long as its worth it :) thank you so much :) what is your email?

    3. is my email dear
      Ah, sun... the only thing that will work is a GREAT sun block used every 2hours.
      Or if you use a cushion that has cooling effect with Sun block features you can tap it when ever you need to. and cooling effect will die down the blemishes that happens under the sun

  13. Hi!!i hve been reading your post about korean skincare product n am just sure have lots of informationn experience..n now am just not really happy with my current product, faceshop smim radiating product line..after using it for 3 weeks, i noticed, my skin is getting a bit darker..seems like slightly burnt..i hve used other faceshop products but never come across to this problem before..i guess my skin is sensitive to this smim, could u recommend me, product that could lighten up my skin..i have never used other korean product before..but i don't mind if it's not faceshop brand that u would recommend..n for ur information,i have a combination type of skin and i live in malaysia where the weather is hot n humid.....n just my two cent, i agree with u about chia seed moisturizing really keep my face clean from whitehead...n many thanx from me..^^

    1. Hmm, let see, For skin like your I will recommend Neogen black volume cream
      Review right here :
      Love that works for all oily skin and best in hot weather because if you put it in the fridge it cools your skin helps with blemishes.
      For more information email me I will give you more personal recommendation

  14. Hi...please can i ask which the best line for combination skin for whitining and deep moisturizing. .my friend suggested iope and lacvert..what your opinin please i need help

    1. If removing hair is causing you irritation, perhaps you should stop for few more weeks before you remove the hair. or do good moisturizing care after hair remover.

      whitening and deep moisturizing and pore issues.
      Iope and Lacvert has both good products.

      These days I am into EGF products, Swanicoco is great but bit expensive, Reskin also has good EGF products and there is the SK2 egf ampoule

    2. Oh thank you..but lacvert collagen plus is whitining also or just moisturizing? ??

  15. And i forgot to say that im 31 years old and i have pores ..and iremove hair from my face monthly. .so some times after that i have acne and and around my mouth and up my cheek darker than other my face ..and under my eyes. .i live now in korea and i dont know what i should use

  16. Hi. I am 20ish. Got oily and kinda-dark skin. What products do you recommend? I wanted to buy serums, toners and moisturisers for both akin functions but is it okay to use 2 toners and etc everyday and night?

    1. Why would you want to use 2 toners, if each does the same job? you can use day and night both but I don't see the need to buy 2 toners

  17. Hi! I love your description in the products that you have introduced but it's kinda confusing since all of them ae good. >.< Can you recommend some products that suits best for my skin type? I'm a bit oily especially on the nose area and I've my skin darken after summer, aside from that, I'm having an acne breakout on my nose ONLY! Its creeping me out since I don't have any acne. ;-( I'll be waiting for your reply. Thanks a lot!

    1. Yeah it can be confusing because I only review the BEST you just get to choose or maybe help you reduce it down, because or else you got thousand brands to choose from. it's best to see if you like it, and see other reviews of the same product and get a samples or kit I do know ebay sells them.

      1. Try to figure out what's causing it?
      Oil clogging on the nose? Stress? Diet?

      2. Get rid of what ever is causing this.

      3. Do nose care with skinmiso, (my favorite)
      or if you don't like sheet mask try out clay mask like scinic (another favorite)

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