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Korean Skin Care Tips For Age Range, How To Skin Care For 20's & 30's

The difference between 20's VS 30's Skin Care

The 20's

Even 20's want to look young its the same as the 40's but there is just a difference between standard. In the 20's again haven't exactly started. 20's don't have interested in get it rid of wrinkles or doing volume surgeries but they want the skill of doing makeup naturally.

The 30's 

Depending on the skin condition there is a big difference and that makes the skin care routine more complicated. Dry skin will become loose, wrinkle looks bolder, and shape of the face changes.

Because of this difference the 30's tend to focus on skin care. They know what their skin problems are and buy beauty items that will help solve the problem and help making everything more natural.

Sometimes cosmetic can't help (sorry they do have limitations!) and they would start looking for medical treatment. You might be surprised how many 30's visit the plastic surgery hospitals for counseling in Korea. 

30's is more into anti aging and preventing aging but just like bio age isn't same as mentality age. Skin age can be different too, depending on how you took care of it.

Main Keywords to this article is Skin Texture, Makeup and Korea Technology. This will both be the answers to the 20's and 30's

Skin Texture, That Represent Your Age

As you approach the end of the 20's you'll start to see wrinkles, large pores, darkening spot etc. (NOOO!!!) For 30's it's the skin texture that can make your skin look older. You will start to notice that your skin texture start to show signs of aging. The only way to stop is PREVENTING. This is why I suggest all 20's to start your anti again care now. I will promise you will regret it when you turn 30. If you spent your days in 20's without much care and at your 30's it's okay. Its not end of the world... yet. Don't give up hope. I will explain more further down below.
Your BEAUTY will only stay when you took care of it early on. 

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Estella Roy
Estella Roy

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