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Ladyfoxblogger] Waxing Beauty Tip! Full List of Shaving Tools And Comparison

Beauty Tip of the Week!

Hair Problems in the Summer!!!! It's pros and cons The full comparison!

we all need to get rid of some hairs on specific parts as the clothes get shorter and sleeveless.

There are a lot of Epilator out there
1. Shaver

Pros : the most used and least painful method to cut your hairs.
Cons : leaves the root of your hair, cause skin irritation causing scars (you can reduce this by cutting the hair the opposite direction it has grown)

2. Tweezers

Pros : Cheapest method like shaver, since you pull out your hair roots it last longer
Cons : can cause pore infections, takes a long time because you are pulling the hair one by one, also very painful

3. Waxing

pros : we melt the wax and apply it on the skin pulling all the hair at one pull. Since all hair roots are gone, it last longer and does not leave hair mark
cons : have you tried it before? it's painful and can cause skin irritation and dryness

4. Waxing Cream

Chemical way of melting off hair
Pros : does not cause pain or scars, and last 1.5~ times more than shavers
Cons : If your skin is sensitive it can cause skin troubles because of the chemical ingredients, especially around the thin skin like your armpit can cause pore infections

5. Shaving Machine

There are two types, one pulls out the hair the other shoots laser beam to destroy your hair (how cool is that!)
Pros : longest lasting time and less painful
Cons : one time expensive investment


Before shaving your hair
1. before you pull out your hair lets give a small warm up for your skin by either doing a warm shower or placing warm wet towel over the place that you want to shave.
Because if you warm your hair more easier and softer your hair will be pulled, cut, laser shot at.

2. If you exfoliate the parts before shaving can help your hair shave better also prevent any burnt darkening look.


1. Do a cold steam for your pores to relax any irritation your skin got from shaving.

2. if you use wax or waxing cream use a cotton pad to wipe off any remaining of the product

3. Use good moisturizing product to give moist and if you are going out use a sunblock

Myth and Truth about Waxing

1. If you shave your armpit will you sweat more?
Your hair and your sweat glands are two different thing and does not effect one another just because you cut off your hair doesn't mean sweat glands multiply. However the reason why you feel it's more sweaty is because your hair used to soak off your sweat now that your hair is gone your clothes will soak the sweat causing water marks and feeling as if you are sweating more.

2. If you shave you smell more?
The smell you have under your armpit is the smell of sweat and viruses growing. Any type of shaving tools does not effect this. So it's not the tools that causing the smell.

Actually the more hair you have the more easier for bacteria and viruses to grow under your armpit because sweat doesn't evaporate. Shaving actually helps prevent the growth and even though it's barely noticeable helps you smell less.


Today you got some valuable tips about waxing choose which ones works best for you, if you have any questions feel free to ask!
A comment and sharing is always helpful and encouraging. If you have any tips share them with the community for more valuable discussion
Lady Fox
Lady Fox

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