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Summer Pore Care, Scinic All Day Fine Pore Super Clay Mask

Summer Pore Care, Scinic All Day Fine Pore Super Clay Mask

Did you know, every 1 Degree higher means 10% More Oil on your skin.
This is why country close to the equator has more oily skin than dry, while on upper or lower hemisphere there is some mixture of many. Also why when you travel you feel your skin type change.

Now that it's summer you and I are screaming to get rid of pores, my normal routine isn't enough so I got this really famous (It's a hot item among Korean Bloggers) Pore Care Clay Mask to save myself from oil override.

I realized as I saw the sale, there is the Older Version and Newer Version.
I got the Newer one, and I will be reviewing through that.


Older Version is All Day Fine Pore Clay Mask for people who only need Oil Care
Oil Cleansing inside the pores and Skin Oil Control Care
New Version is All Day Fine Pore Super Clay Mask is for overall pore and oil care
Stronger Oil Cleansing Effect, Skin Oil Control Care, Deep Cleansing, Pore Relaxation(Irritation relaxing), and Pore Cleansing

Ingredients For All Day Fine Pore Clay Mask
<Runned by Google Translater, some of them might be wrong>
Safe, Medium Danger, High Danger
Glacier water, kaolin, Bentonite, jeongsesu, denatured alcohol, blood beuyipi, acrylate copolymer, corn starch, sodium hyaluronidase carbonate, carbonated water, butyl Avoca dating, gall extract, sodium by Kamo Nate, aloe vera leaf extract, Desert Sand verbena leaf extract, machine or bark extract, guava leaf extract, rock dolkkot root extract, lotus extract, cinnamon extract, Sanguisorba officinalis extract, catechu extract, Scented geranium extract, Western Songak extract, kiwi extract, carambola fruit Extract, Aronia berries extract, green tea extract, orange blossom extract, pomegranate extract, gwamul clock flower fruit extract, guarana fruit extract, Raspberry extract, perfluorohexane, tromethamine, castor oil, PEG -60 Painted Hydro jeneyi perfluoroalkyl decalin, potassium alginate, cellulose gum, pentafluoropropane, Butylene Glycol, disodium this is dt, phenoxyethanol, claw nesin page, caprylic rilgeul glycol, Ethyl hexyl glycerin, Black mountain Heechul, Scent

If I kindly Translate the features on the back of the box

If you look this clay has Amazon Clay 10,000mg
I think this is a lot because the highest I saw was 7,000mg

Features of this Product
-Strong cling to the oil
The clay mask would cling so strong to the oil that it would even go deep into your pores and clean out all the oil inside, Also this clay helps with peeling turn overs so you get to see two different effect in this one product!
-Pore Care
The Glacier Water and Various other ingredients helps with pore Tightening, Cleansing and Elastiness. In Korea we call people with large pore Oyster Skin
Let's makes our Oyster Skin to Smooth Egg Skin XD
How do I feel like it's talking about me :"(

1. First wash your face or use good amount of cleansing water and wipe it around parts that is most oily to you. T zone and U zone, if you are oily all around, best to cleans your face with cleansing foam first to see better effects
2. Second, Apply it nicely over your face and wait for it to dry (10~15min)
3. After it is dried you can apply bit more on parts that need extra care, like T zone
Or under the eyes where pores are large. Wait for it to dry.
4. Wash it off with Warm Water (Warm Water helps the clay melt easily into the water)
5. Wash with Cold Water (Cold water will help with tightening your pore even more!) 

Now we know the basic about this product let see how this babe looks like XD

I litterly lost words when I first saw this
I did have used Amazon Clay product but I forgotten how they looked like.
Most products with Amazon Clay comes like this.
Don't panic it's not rotten or dangerous, it just has all that look to help your pores XD

When you apply it on the hand you can see that the cream is extremely soft 
So it's easy to control the cream around your face
As it hardens this will how it will look like.

I didn't mean to make you throw up or anything 
I realized this clay has some kind of bubble and go inside your pores
When you apply this mask you can litterly see your pore size and shape.
This would mean that the Clay Mask goes deep into all of your pores and helps you clean it and even tighten it.


WA, if you look at before picture
You can see Black Heads, and oily skin around the nose
You can literately see flashes of reflect from my oily skin

If you look at before, No Black Heads XD!
The skin tone is not oily any more, pores are reduced
I really Really REALLY love this product
I have High possibility to buy this again.

Lady Fox
Lady Fox

About the Author : Born in Korea but lived overseas for 12 years, loves Korean Skin Care. Back in Korea and enjoying her hometown more than ever! Loves buying Cosmetic and Skin care and loves to share that opportunity to her readers! See her shipping delivery on her private google community.


  1. I've heard so much & seen this mask a lot on beauty shows! I'm glad you reviewed it, it made me more sure of its effectiveness!! (: It seems to work really good & I guess I will be trying this the next time I run out of my clay mask!
    Oh btw, does this brand have stores on its own or is it sold at places like Olive Young?

    1. It's is sold in places like Olive Young it doesn't have it's own store, or you can buy them online :)

  2. WOW, this mask looks so good.
    All your mask reviews are great that I
    can't decide which one to try.
    I really like that this one goes inside
    your pores to thoroughly clean them. :D

    1. I think I am leaning towards this one, Because of the cheaper cost and the effect.
      I think finally I found a product that beats Caolion Mask Pack, they tend to be very expensive.

  3. You know, Lady Fox, I've given up on trying to clear blackheads. And big pores, once they're there can't be shrunk back (that'd be an invention I'd like to see!). Still, this post makes me at least think of buying this mask. Thanks for the nice review!

    1. It means that instead of giving up you need to find a way after clearing pores "TIGHTEN" it.
      Because if you clean your pores it might get rid of black heads it also makes the pore big.
      You need to do tightening care afterwards.
      This mask also has tightening effect afterwards but if you feel like you need bit more tightening you can use steam towel into icy cold water and after you squeeze some water out place it on your face. The cold temperature helps the pore to tighten.

      Do this everyday or so after cleansing before you go to sleep
      Use products that has pore tightening effect.
      Do this as you do pore cleansing it will help reducing black heads by alot.
      Don't lose hope dear! x-)

  4. Replies
    1. it actually depend on your skin. if your skin is sensitive once every 2 weeks. Normal skin tend to do it once every week. It's not wise to do every day. it will irritate your skin and make your skin sensitive

    2. I'm finally using thissss yay estella! but... you know, my popping acne at that time, dried and leave a scary black scar. like the volcanic ashhhessss stucked onto your acne. :-d do you know why?

    3. It's called Acne Scare, happens when infection happens inside the acne.... More you touch or more dust and oil stuck the bigger and darker the acne scare becomes... That's why it is important to prevent acne to happen because not only does it looks bad but leaves a scare... and it's hard not to... I use product to help minimal the scare but it still appears. Curing acne scare is harder than curing acne. You'll have to use good whitening product and good exfoliation weekly so that new skin will reappear and darkened skin disappear. There are product specialized in acne scares but the effect isn't as dramatic as you hope it will be...

    4. yeah estella,you're so right. I mean at that time exactly after I use this mask, my active acne went dry but leave a scary black scar. as black as the volcanic ashes. do you know why? :))

  5. Hey girls!
    For acne scars I've successfully used Vitamin C serums (like the one from OST, pretty cheap too!) and mandelic acid at a 10% strength for daily use. Hope that helps ;)

    1. LOL great I love OST the Red Bottle TOO! I should do a review on it one day. If I remember XD
      But that product is a great product to include for the list!

    2. sorry, is it acne scars of acne spots?

      I have. but was like nothing changed after using OST serum. ;-(

    3. Hey Estella - hehe! Please do write your review on the little bottle :)

      My wonder World 2.0 - indeed the dreaded acne scars that come after some spots! :-t How do you use OST?

      I use it like this: wash face with pH-balanced foaming wash, then mandelic acid 10% then OST (only in the evening, in the morning I use a BHA product from Cosrx). Then very important: PAUSE - apply no products - for 10 mins to 30 mins - then continue with moisturizing products, like essence, gels, creams.

      Like Estella said above, you need to exfoliate and the best way is with acids. So look into acids - AHA, BHA (Mizon have a toner and serum, and Cosrx have a few good ones too). Estella do you have a blog post about these? ^^

    4. Acne scars is one of the most hardest things to cure with cosmetic. I used many products, although it helps but I think nothing helps more than regular exfoliating (I do weekly) and PREVENTING acne Acne scars and spots is the same thing dear. Also good sun block

      You gotta be patient if you want to cure acne scars with cosmetic, it will take months. OST serum is a great product, but if your scars are dark and deep it might take a while to cure.

    5. Hey Linda J
      I don't have review about the bottle or the Mizon products although I do love their BHA ampoule for daily exfoliating it really keep the skin brighten up and I don't need to take time every week to care for my exfoliating, after a month or so, you can really see results.

      LOL why wait for so long 10~30 minutes? You can just apply when you feel that it has been absorb? LOL I am always on a hurry so I can't wait up to 10 lol, can't wait XD

    6. Hi Estella!

      As these (OST Vitamin C, AHA, BHA etc) are acid products, and work optimally at a lower pH, if you add another layer of products with a higher pH on top, it's not to say they *won't* work at all, it's just the difference will be visible faster with waiting.

      The main reason is it takes about 25-30 minutes for an acid’s pH to neutralise by itself.

    7. I really want to layer every single acne spots brightening products!! actually! so the improvements will way more fast (is my theory right? :-d) I use fermented essence+acne spot cream (I want more!! hahaha) and I exfoliate too once two weeks.

      I mean is it the dreaded scars like linda said or the dark spots?

      really estella! I've seen many reviews eith scientific explanation, it should be. we should wait for 30min.

    8. Hi Linda
      Lol, yes but a long as it is all absorbed it wouldn't cause big problem :) Also, after OST it is recommended by the brand to apply moisturizer, using the same line would increase the effect.

      usually it doesn't take me that long to wait for it to absorb completely maybe because my skin is bit more drier than yours? I do know it can be different for each skin. Also if I wait too long my skin will bet bit too dry and it starts tingling so I do not wait that long. But Thanks Linda and Wonder Word for your information, I learned something new today :D

      My wonder word dear,
      Curing is always hard dear, it's the prevention you really should be more concerned and remember to wear sun block too, because it can darken the scars if you have them. Curing takes a very very long time dear...whitening products are your chance and spot products are also good stuff to try. But the effect is so slow.... that's why always always, prevent!
      Prevention is the most important so I always recommend early 20's to start your anti aging once the wrinkles come in, it's bit too late, because it's hard to reverse wrinkles. That goes the same with acne.

      Do Good Cleansing Day and Night, If you are sensitive once every two weeks of exfoliating, Good Sun Block every single day. Deep moisturizing skin care, control your stress and diet.
      Healthy Pretty skin is not something you can get without bit of work.

    9. Just a bit about exfoliation because you seem to keep asking about it. If you are sensitive do once every two weeks, if you are just normal skin do once every week. However in any reason you feel like your skin is not healthy or too sensitive to do exfoliation the day you need to do it. Don't.
      I exfoliation when I feel my skin needs it so it can be every 3 days to none at all that month. but not everyone are sensitive to their skin condition so I suggested once every 2 weeks or once every week and such. I hope now you don't have any confusions

  6. Replies
    1. Last Year, I believe not exactly sure of the dates though XD


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