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[Korea Makeup Blog / Etude House] Etude House Concealer Kit & Surprise Makeup Master Concealer Brush

Etude House Concealer Kit & Surprise Makeup Master Concealer Brush

Price / Amount : 7000won / 3g
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DARK CIRCLES! My biggest enemy. I work alot infront of the computer and that really get my skin old and feed those dark circles. Sometimes on late work nights Dark circles seems to reach my chin!

Dark circles really make you look old and ill.
Now Etude House decided to slove that problem with a kit

I know many have tried to cover those Dark circles with foundation but after all the most is gone it looks damp and dry. However these will work better. With the brush it will work better even more.

I love how its small enough to bring it around when going to work.
There are two colors. First there is the Patch color that brightens your skin. And with the Basic Color you can make it natural and also cover what you've missed.

The Patch is has alot of moist. With other concealer the dry creams makes wrinkles more larger but with all the moist it also give your skin moist and covers your wrinkles bit more.

The Basic gives a bit mat-like-texture but not so strong. So at first I've worried it might make my wrinkles look bolder but it had just the right amount my worries didn't look bold as I feared.

With the brush it helps cover even the tiniest moles and conceal better and smooth out the cream well.

Use the brush when applying the Patch. on small areas use the other end to apply. I just use the brush both the Patch and Basic works well better that way.

What do you think? 
Do you think you would buy this concealer for your beauty collection

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  1. awesome! i was eyeing this on ebay, and i think i might just get it! thanks for the pics and review!

    1. Wow, I must thank you for seeing my review and think it was great! ;) I'm very happy for your support and I will update more Korean Cosmetic review that will help you all

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! This was very informative for me about this concealer. Thanks :)

    1. I'm glad you think this post was helpful ;). I hope I got you interested in Korean Cosmetics. If I find good products I'll keep posting, come back again! XD


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