Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Makeup Zones, What is V Zone, U Zone, T Zone, Star Zone, C Zone?

Zones Zones Zones.
You always come across this term when you try to learn makeup.
It's good to know these terms because a lot of makeup artist use them, and you want to know what they are talking about.

T Zone
T zone is the forehead and the nose bridge.
You might have heard this term when makeup artist explaining this is the part to apply highlighter to give more texture to the face. I like to just add highlighter dot right at the center of the two eyes on top of the nose bridge. This helps makeup look much more natural.
This is also the part of the skin that has larger pores and sometimes let out a lot of oil.
Remember to foam cleansing this part thoroughly.

C Zone
C zone is the side of the eyes starting from the eyebrow bone towards the cheeks.
This is the part where you would put in highlighter to make a slimmer face.
This part of the skin is very thin which makes it vulnerable tot he environment, remember to take care of this part of the skin because it easily wrinkles.

Triangular Zone
This is where your dark circles is and the part we all want to cover and brighten
Just the way you do your makeup for Triangular Zone will change how you look that day.
Dark Triangular zone makes you look tired and ill, while brightened up triangular zone makes your skin look so much lighter. healthy and beautiful.
This part of the skin is very thin, even by rubbing your eyes you can cause dark circles and wrinkles. It's also easily dried out part sometimes toxic can stack under this part of the skin.
It's best to moisturize this part thoroughly and limp massage to reduce toxic

Apple Zone
 Apple zone or blusher zone. This part of the face is where your cheek bones are.
Also the part where you would do blusher. For Asian girls if you do blusher on the center of your apple zone it will help your face look smaller.

U Zone
U zone is the chin. 
By giving bit of highlighter will help your face look more slimmer and smaller.
If you have long chin making this part dark will help long chin look shorter

These are the "basic" zones terms you need to know
There are bit more but it is not normally used.

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Lady Fox

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  1. Didn't know many of the things and tips you gave, now I'll put more attention to my make up routine, Thank you! (f)


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