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BEST Lip&Eye Remover Cream Type, Banila Co Clean it Zero!

There is two step on cleansing, First you gotta remove the lip and eye makeup first because foam cleansing can't erase them all. There is the liquid type, my favorite is Aritaum Lip & Eye Remover. This time I decided to buy a cream type that you can just wipe it off with sponge.

My best recommendation is Banila Co Clean it Zero
There are two types the Pink and the Blue
The Mint came out even more less irritating and more skin friendly ingredients. I already think pink is so soft on the skin. So I decided to get the Mint for the review :) 

Actually there is more types, 
Pink : Refreshing finish 
Blue(Purity) : Helps calming irritated skin, helps smooth out skin texture
White(Radiance) : Whitening effect(vitamin), pore cleaning
Mint(Resveratrol) : tightening effect, Refreshing finish

Sept Ethylhexanoate, Caprylic, PEG glyceryl triisopropylamine -20 stearate, PEG -10 Te source rate, polyethylene, argan tree kernel oil, evening primrose oil, Portulaca Oleracea extract, licorice extract, green tea extract, rosemary leaf extract, byeongpum extract, kaemo my flower extract, gold extract, Knotweed extract, hollyhock extract, aloe leaf extract, blueberry, Karen rakkot two extracts, chamomile kkotsu, fireweed extracts, beta-carotene, Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin , samik hydroxy caprylic acid, caprylic rilgeul glycol, orange peel oil, herbs secrete oil, rosemary leaf oil, lavender oil

Like I said I personally think the pink is already very soft for the skin, but this is made more softer on the skin.

When you open the lid you can see the plastic spoon inside and a plastic lid over the cream for more cleaner use! If you don't close the lid sometimes makeup can get mix into the cream and it's hard to scrap it off :"(

You don't need too much just that amount is enough for one side of smoky eye makeup. Please rub softly don't rub it like as if you are scraping off the makeup, just gently rub, you don't want wrinkles around your eyes. The cream will mix into the makeup and melts it.

The texture is not liquid cream but more of hard cream but not solid hard either.

Since we are looking at a cleansing product let's see how well it erase makeup!

You can use tissue to wipe off the cream but I think water is much less irritating.
You need the cleansing foam anyways afterwards. So use water ;)

I find the usage very easy no troubles at all, I like how I can even massage my eyes while I'm cleaning the makeup. And the cream melts really fast so it doesn't takes so long. For underlines if you have folds you can use a swab for more detailed cleansing. Yes I can open my eyes while I'm using this cream it will sting if it gets in your eyes (I had a unfortunate experience of poking my eye) but it not a cream that moves around or melts downwards, so you can control it. Just don't be clumsy like me XD

4.5 Because sometimes there were some tint redness and Tony Moly liner left overs but no worries because I do foam cleansing afterwards so no problems for me. But if you wish to just use this one cream because your skin is irritated just remember to rub bit more thoroughly before wash. I might have missed a bit to find bit of left overs

Irritation (Higher the more irritation)
0.5! Since I can't say 0 because there might be someone in the world who find this irritating. But in my opinion I feel that is has absolutely no irration, No pulls afterwards, no greasy feeling afterwards. Just love love love this product!!!

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  1. this looks like a really good cleanser, i am tempted to try this! great review <3

    1. Thank you dear, it is something that is worth a try, and it's very famous in Korea it's like cleansing cream that majority of girls have! :d

  2. I haven't tried any banila co. products but this one looks promising!
    Thank you for sharing this :)

    1. You should they have my favorite CC cream :) also a good cleanser too! :-d

  3. "Please rub softly don't rub it like as if you are scraping off the makeup, just gently rub, you don't want wrinkles around your eyes."

    I really like all these little tips and reminders you give even in a review =)

    1. LOL, Thank you dear, It's hard to sit and read one big post about skin care method, I felt it would be a good reminder and perhaps something to learn from my review other than just about the products. :-d

  4. I bought the pink one online. This is a very popular cream remover and I love it too! I think I will try this mint one when my pink one runs out :>)

    1. Do try it out, I think it's less sensitive in a way even though pink is not sensitive either! Love how it's feels lighter in many ways :)


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