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Top 13 Foods In Korea That You Must Eat!

Foods in Korea that is Easy to try out to eat

There are lot of food in each country that is easy to try out and these are the few of the many! They are very popular among foreigners as well as Koreans. Next tiem you visit Korea Why not try them out?

1. 떡볶기 (Dulk-Bulk-Gi)

떡볶기 (Dulk-Bulk-Gi)  
Spicy but Delicious!
If you are good with eating spicy food you'll love this sweet spicy rice cake!
It's the most common food people eat when you buy food on the streets
It was my favorite snack when I was a student!

2. 김밥 (KimBalb)

김밥 (KimBalb)
Kinda reminds you of sushi rolls but just inside out! 
The taste however is much more sweet and  a great finger food.
There are many type of Kimbalb depending on what inside the rolls

 3. 불고기 (BullGoGi)

불고기 (BullGoGi)
Usually made with Pork with veggies, the taste is quiet sweet.
It's one of the most popular foods in Korea for about anything.

4. 냉면 (NangMeon)

냉면 (NangMeon)

In the world of noodles only Korea has cold noodles. Many Koreans eat this after they eat huge amount of barbequed meat. It kinda give that smooth sensation in your stomach that turns gassy if you overload yourself with meat. It's love by both young and old in Korea. Especially in the Summer it's one of the best sold!

5. 부대찌개 (BuDaeJiGae)

부대찌개 (BuDaeJiGae)

A little spicy. The ingredients inside usually sausages, rice cake, and finish off with noodles oh, do not forget the cheese! It's beloved by many and you can often see people cook rice with the sauce before they head out the restruant which is also my favorite.

This food as a sad history behind it.
In the Korean War when Americans came to fight for us, they would leave food trash in a barrow, hungry and poor from war, Koreans would steal left over foods to feed their family. It was the only way of survival from starvation at that time. The food was called pig soup and this food have been evolved through and became a dish loved by many. Who knew Korea that so poor would become such a developed country?

6. 춘천닭갈비 (ChunChuunDalkGalBi)

Meat from Chicken without bones mixed in a spicy sauce and veggies
I love this food, it's one of my favorites/
It's not that spicy but there are restrants that allow you to choose the level of spice.

7. 떡갈비 (DulkGalBi)

떡갈비 (DulkGalBi)

Korean version of stake or Korean version of buger peddings.
It's a sweet and I love the soft taste of the meat.
Usually made from either pork or beef
For me with this and a white rice, it's enough for a good lunch.

8. 전주비빔밥 (JunJuBiBimBalb)

전주비빔밥 (JunJuBiBimBalb)  
Consist of Rice, veggies that have been spiced in its own way, and a egg either cooked or uncooked (but mostly its sold cooked) with a drop of red spicy sweet sauce 고추장(GoChuJang). If Americans bring Ketchup everywhere Koreans bring GoChuJang it's like the most common sauce in Korea. Just by mixing it's quiet delicious and it was the only way for me to eat a lot of veggies when I was little so it's THAT good. 

9. 양곱창구이 (Yang Gop Chang Gu Ee)

양곱창구이 (Yang Gop Chang Gu Ee)

Like Sausage it's intestine from pigs, we cook it on a pan it's very chewy and I enjoy the taste. Although there are girls out there who thinks it's disgusting to eat intestine but okay to eat a barbeque sausage. (Actually one of my friend is like that and she is Korean, Yikes!) I personally advice you to go to a famous restaurant when you go eat this because some restaurant don't know how to get rid of the intestine smell and that could really pull you off. Even I hate to eat it when they don't do spice enough, I only go to a famous restaurant that done a good job with their secret way to get rid of the scent. 

10. 설렁탕 (SulLongTang)

설렁탕 (SulLongTang)

This food takes really really long time to make, The soap is made from boiling bones of a cow for at least a day. Because of the high nutrition the soup has it's great for when you are getting your body ready for the harsh winter. Or when you are ill and recovering. Although most just eat it whenever they want to. My mom used to make this when I was ill, and after a good soup with rice and bit of meat I recover quickly.

11. 갈비탕 (GalBiTang)

갈비탕 (GalBiTang)

Cow Meat Stew I call it. It has meat inside that is very soft, it basically melt inside your mouth! Yum. Also the stew is very clear but still has that deep taste 

 12. 감자탕 (GamJaTang)

감자탕 (GamJaTang)

This soup uses pig spine and various veggies it doesn't have a lot of meat but the meat is very soft and melts inside your mouth. The soup usually has kimchi that is less spicy than original kimchi but it's like my favorite. With this soup I can littler eat for hours till my belly explode.

13. Korean Barbeque!

 Korean Barbeque!
It's all over these days and is already so famous around the globe more the reason why I can't leave it out out here!
Usually uses pine tree as fire to give it a pine scent that makes the meat more appealing to eat. Some are eaten with salt and pepper and some has it's own sauce soaked in for barbeque!

Estella Roy
Estella Roy

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