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5 Common Myths About Waxing Your Hair

Us as women we all wax our hairs often in the summer when we have to show our sparkly legs on the beach. Even if you are someone who prefer to become one with nature, you will think about waxing one point in your life. There are a lot of Truth and Myths about Waxing in various places. I'll sort out the truth for you.

I'll answer 10 common myths and tell you the truth about each of them.

5 Common myths About Waxing Your Hair

5 Common Myths About Waxing Your Hair
#1 If we use shaver does the hair grow thicker?

Your hair does not get thicker, it's just that you broke the hair in the middle which makes the hair look thicker. Shaver and hair thickness has no relation.

Reference :

#2 If you shave your arm pit do you sweat more?


Your hair root and your sweat glands are totally different things They are in a totally different location! The reason why you feel that you are sweating more is because, when you sweat your hair used to hold some of the sweat from rolling down your skin. Now that it's gone, you can feel every single drop of sweat rolling down your skin.

#3  Bikiny Waxing Is it okay to do at home?


Bikiny line is where skin is very weak and sensitive, if you use the wrong equipment or use the wrong method you can get your pores infected. High irritation can give side effects. I suggest you get a professional help.

#4 Lazers is it permanent?


I am sorry ladies do not think that lazers are permanent. However lazers actually do help the hairs grow thinner and grow slower. To make it permanent, you'll need consistent treatments.

#5 Is it bad to wax every time I grow hair?


I know there are girls who wax every month or so, but too much waxing will cuase various skin diseases. Also cause skin darkeness.

Now I got this timeline from my dermatologist.
She suggested

  • For Shaver, Cream
    Use once every 1~2 weeks
    (If you ever feel pain or any irritation stop immediately)
  • Wax Type that pulls out the roots of the hairs
    Use once every 2~4 weeks
    (If you ever feel pain or any irritation stop immediately)
  • Professional Waxing with the wooden stick and all
    Use once every month (This is to match the monthly cycle of your dead skin cells)
    (If you ever feel pain or any irritation stop immediately)
  • Half Permanent Treatments like lazers
    Use Once Every 4~8 Weeks
    (If you ever feel pain or any irritation stop immediately)

More Tips!

1. When you do waxing the most important thing is keep it CLEAN!
I seriously mean it, if you get troubles after waxing or if you feel like your skin is getting sensitive every time you wax You really need to use CLEAN Waxing Products CLEAN Skin.

2. After Waxing give your skin some irritation cool down time.
You can easily do this at home with a cold towel, or ice massage to release the irritation. A thick moisturizing care would protect your skin from getting sensitive.

3. My dermatologist said "No shower for 1~2 days." 1~2 DAYS! I really said DAYS not weeks. I know there will be girls crying, How can I not shower for 1~2 Weeks?! And I would have to point them to my blog page again and say "Read Careful dear"

4. In Korea other than waxing string waxing is also very popular.
It's a speical treatment that plucks out even the smallest soft hairs that you can barely see. These hair is barely seeable and it also protects your skin. There is no reason for you to over wax any part of your body. This can easily lead your skin to become extrememly sensitive.

5 Common Myths About Waxing Your Hair
String Waxing
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