Saturday, September 27, 2014

[Makeup Tutorial] How to Make Front of the Eyes Look Rounder and Bigger

This is one of the Technic of Eye makeup to make your eyes looks much bigger and rounder on the front, it's also a great way to make the overall makeup more natural and smoother.
It's best NOT to use it for smokey makeup

It's best to two colors
Pink and Orange works
Use the darker color on the base and the brighter color as a point

You can also just use one color that is bright 
For even more natural color you can use peach colors and colors brighter than the skin tone I like to use gold color or soft peach colors like Ameli Eye shadow Gold color #185 All that Gold or Ameli Eye shadow Mango Bubble Smoothie #183

this is the example of using two colors for the front of the eyes

First use dark color on the base
you want to color round top of the circle reaching the skin that goes inside the skin if you are inner eyelid

Second to give more texture feeling add in brighter color on the center of the big circle you draw, right next to the eyes only

This works for all eye makeup so use this tip when you feel like
your make up is not natural, and want to smooth out the overall look
Or if your eyes are wide apart best to use this colors

If you have narrow eyes, it's best not to use this Technic
It will only make your eyes look even more narrow

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  1. Hi I love all your how to's, do you by any chance have similar tutorials for monolids? thx~~

    1. Sure, I'll think about it, see if I could think of a good way to do it!


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