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How to do Exfoliation the RIGHT WAY Part 1

Exfoliation. Not many people thinks this is important for skin care as it sounds. Even my readers who have long read my reviews doesn't think this is much of a importance. Maybe I just didn't mention it often enough. So I decided to write a post to show you perhaps convince you a little that exfoliation is important.

Exfoliation products are important is because it's the best way to keep your skin healthy. Not only does it brightens up darkened skin (One way of whitening care) it also give a natural dewy glow to your skin without cushion helps. Not only that by peeling off the dead layer of skin it even helps new skin to grow much better.

Exfoliation whats that?
Well no use telling you all the good thing about it when you don't know what Exfoliation is. Our skin every 30~31 days (a Month), natural peels off one layer of dead skin cells for the new skin cells to take it's place. But to sensitive women like me, and the busy life style of city girls, stress and various other reasons may delay the natural peeling. Sometimes the layer can get so thick to make your skin so dry or so sensitive, Also a reason why pore is clogged and cause acne, makeup getting cakey, why healthy skin turns sensitive, sometimes cause oily skin.

Now for skin health it's best to do it the right way too much or wrong way of exfoliation will only make your skin sensitive and cause various trouble.

Part 1
Physical Exfoliation
It means giving physical strength to peel off your skin. The most important thing is strength control.

Use Soft Cleansing Gloves to rub! - BEST
I suggest this to all my oily skin girls, after face use the gloves to wash off on the last step. I think this is bit more cheaper than vibrating brush. Also a good everyday deep cleansing that has no irritation .
How does this exfoliate your skin? Well, the slippery cleanser and the friction can help you peel off dead skin cells.

WARNING! Please remember that to keep your gloves clean and hygienic, if you can't better not get one. Also use only the most micro small soft products these can get rough after use, when you feel that it's getting rough get a new one. Usually you can use one set for a month.

POINT! Remember to not to press to hard, softly strength is the important part of this cleansing. This method is not for Dry skin it will irritate the skin

Scrub Products - So So
This might be the most often used products, small sand rubs the skin and peels off dry skin.

It's my most often used method but there are products that is bit irritating than other products. Smaller the sand the better. Too much irritation with scrub can peel off too much causing your protection barrier to break. Even makes your skin rough

So when you search to use a scrub products best to use Polyethylene, Crystal Peeling. There are various natural ingredients out there but it still can be irritating so remember to check that the grains or sand inside the scrub is not irritating particles

Remember if you use Scrub products best to have a schedule.
Oil skin can do 2~3 times a week
Dry Skin can do once a week
Sensitive skin should do once every two weeks

Peel Off Pack - BAD
I have no clue why anyone would use peel off products, there are black head, white head peel off products out there but its just a temporary fast clean but it will only make your pore wider and irritate causing more skin problems.

It's same for peel off packs for exfoliation. It peels off just too much, like I said up on the post, too much just break your protection barrier causing much bigger problems than you can imagine.
Peel off pack is more a oil cleansing effect than exfoliation so it's not a good method to use.

Part 2 Chemical Exfoliation Part 3 Other Exfoliation

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Estella Roy
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  1. Very helpful article! I'm curious about the following ones ^^

    (I'm using black sugar mask from Skinfood, barely do any scrub because don't want to irritate my face and use it one time per week), beside that I'm using a chemical peeling, Mizon's aha 8% peeling serum.

    1. I am glad this article helped!
      You are doing your scrubs well, I like skinfood black sugar masks too, but I feel it's bit too irritating for my skin, I do chemical peeling that comes in cream.
      Mizon's Aha peeling serum, one of my favorites too!

  2. what brand that has soft cleansing gloves? XD and sorry, dont understand about the-most-micro-small-soft-products that you mean.. b-(

    1. I use Missha Micro Peeling Gloves this does the work x-)

    2. It's not totally the same but has similar concepts... the link show a product for pores while their are specialized exfoliating gloves

  3. so, from your point of view, peel off pack is bad. is it the same with peel of mask, estella? :-?

    1. I personally don't like anything that is physical peeling to the skin. For me peel off mask made my skin redden (I have thin sensitive skin) after that I do not use peel off mask too. If you have a healthy copper strength skin than maybe peel off mask might work for you. try and if it give any sign that it's irritating your skin than STOP!

      I personally don't like to peel off hair on my face either, although it does help with brightening your skin and make pore smaller... you can do that too if you want but always stop when it start to cause trouble


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