Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ameli Makeup Tutorial, How to do Makeup for None Double Eyelid with Brown

We all want to do beautiful makeup but it's not easy to do 
various makeup for people who doesn't have double eyelid.

I know alot of you love Brown~
Although I personally ask you to venture out if you are young around 20's 
You'll have to use brown colors if you reach around 30's
So when you are still it's best to use various colors if you are around 20's

However if you just can't-be-helped brown lover
Or around 30's and you just have to use brown

I will show you a makeup tutorial introduced by Ameli and I hope to share with you.
This is a Easily Done Brown Eye Shadow Makeup 
In Korea it's also called "Shadowing Makeup"
Gives your eyes that dreamy look and deep texture without looking too dark.

Do your eyebrows~
Now it's time to draw eye line. 
First use a brown eyeliner and draw between the eyelashes
After that use a brown eye shadow on top of the eyeliner
This will give your eye softer look and yet still makes your eyes twice as big.
Use none glitter matte finish brown eye shadow for this.

After that use a Glitter brown softly around the eyes
Fill under the eyes and on top of the eyes

If you are done with that use the same brown eye shadow but this time color the all over the eye lid but lightly.
As the same color over lap around the eyes it makes a nice gradation over the eyes

We didn't do mascara because it gives a more young look without it.

You can do the same thing with various colors!
A good beginning practice makeup tutorial!

Than you are done!
See Results down below~ 

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Products This Makeup Tutorial Used

Products This Makeup Tutorial Used

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