November 1, 2013

Black Pomegranate is the new line Skin Food released
I got curious and got the serum they are advertising so much.


Black pomegranate is known around the Persian gulf as the "Royal Fruit"
Even Cleopatra enjoyed eating this rare fruit.
The more the pomegranate ripens the darker it becomes and unlike normal pomegranate black pomegranate has more sugar and has a better taste. 
It's known that black pomegranate has more ellagitannin than other fruits, it good for all women :)

Real Volume Secret Recipe Black Pomegranate Voluming Serum

Check the Ingredients!
Are you allergic to anything?

[ Latex ]
Water, Pomegranate extract , propanediol, glycerin, isostearyl no neo Express Penta , penta- siloxane cycles , macadamia seed oil , trehalose , beta -glucan , C14-22 Alcohol , Caprylic / Capric triglyceride , caprylic rilme dimethicone , squalane , polysorbate 80 , ethanol five , di glycerin , C12-20 alkyl glucoside, pomegranate seed oil (125mg), ethyl hexyl palmitate, Butylene Glycol, in the seven -hydroxy acrylate / sodium acrylic ildi Betameche Lau rate of copolymer hydrolase protein rise deumal / p beuyipi cross polymer, poly-silicon -11, sodium acrylate / sodium methyl ildi acrylic copolymer Tau rate , hydro jeneyi Painted lecithin, sodium hyaluronidase Nate, ISO hex tekan , tree on henin , argan tree kernel extract, cholesterol, Carbomer , adenosine, arginine , Stearic Acid, ceramide 3 , sorbitan Te the source rate, sodium coco one glutamate, acetyl hexa- peptide 38, acetyl hexa- peptide -3 , D a two sodium dt , Saturdays oligopeptide palmitate , silica dimethyl silyl acrylate, ethyl hexyl glycerin , phenoxyethanol, fragrance
[ Powder]
Maltodextrin , corn starch, dimethicone , dimethicone cycle menu , glycerin, tocopheryl acetate, panthenol , poly pilren glycol , beta- sitosterol , cholesterol , Call Les -24, -24 three tests , tetra- iso- ascorbyl palmitate, non- oil wheels , cetyl phosphate , glyceryl teasing lily Inn , glyceryl Lilly teasing Nate, Nate also glyceryl Araki , disodium this two dt , biotin , oil extract, situation, state, silica , phenoxyethanol
You might wondering
Latex? Powder?
Well, this serum is bit special
(That's why I want to share it with you all!)

Left is the serum the right is a small package with the powder
I'll tell you step by step how to use this(with pic)

Check the bottle So cute isn't it?
I love pomegranates, and I really love the sweet color this has
Reddish-pink color! So pretty :)

If you open the package
You can see this button like thingy

It looks like that on the picture.


Exchange the serum pump out and exchange it into this button top

Tightly twist it on and push it downwards

You can see that before you push the button the lid was pack with some kind of white powder, and after you push down the button all the powder as drop into the serum

Exchange the lid and then.....

Shake it! Like you mean it! XD


The serum texture is overall like most serum
Liquid and moist


This is the picture before I applied this cream
and after two weeks

You can see that under the eyelid small wrinkles have disappear
and my skin regained its brightness
and looks so much healthier


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  1. hmm this is interesting, I received a sample of it during my trip. So is it a makeup base or skincare serum (something we can apply to sleep)?

    1. All skin care products can be used before you sleep :)
      This is a skin care product

    2. I thought it was like the etude house nymph aura thing, arh now I get it! =D

    3. lol, I know...... too many different type of cosmetic!

  2. sounds so good! I was planning on getting some Olay products since they have some really good formulations. But now I'm so interested in this serum, I don't know if I should get it T.T

    1. XD it's hard to decided whether you want to buy it or not. Check your makeup desk if you have any skin care products good as this XD That's how I decide

    2. good idea, thank you ^^ xD

  3. that looks so promising..if this post were posted earlier, i would have ordered this along with my order..:(

    1. Ah, so sorry dear :/
      Maybe you can order it next time :)

  4. I love pomegranates! I already have so many products I need to use up for my skincare routine, or else I would look more into this. Thank you for the review!

    1. LOL, I know what you mean XD
      I also have a lot of skin care product so I don't save them I apply it all around my arms and neck and face XD well it's called skin care, so I tend to apply everywhere that is seen XD

  5. I recently bought this too! I was so lost when i saw the special recipe packet that it came with. Thank you so much Lady Fox for reviewing this ^^

    1. Lol, I hope you are not lost any more~
      How did the product work out for you?

    2. I love the smell of it so far and how quickly it absorbs. Have you tried the oil yet? Im really curious about it. Im debating between getting that or the Innisfree green tea seedoil

  6. i bought the eye cream filler on transit in korea last month and i am SO in love with it!!! i've had problems with undereye circles for the last two years, and EVERYTHING i tried has failed me, but this thing is like magic! most products are designed to remove the undereye darkness, but that's not my problem, i have these deep creases under my eyes from not being able to sleep properly, and with this thing, they are a lot less prominent!! i definitely want to try something else from that line!!

    1. Wow, thank you for that comment, I think people who is having the same trouble as you will be great for that opinion. if you have dry skin I did like their nutrition cream, very rich and long lasting. I do think this line is one of the best of best that skin food has brought out to their fans. :)


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