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Face Lifting, Pore Care, Moisturizing Pack? Try out this Zombie Pack!

I am more than just loving zombie pack, it's so fun to scare off some friends while doing this pack. I saw that it was doing sale after my purchase and decided to share it with you all on Facebook Page.

It's not a cheap pack but seeing it's effect I find it is not so expensive. Face lifting is few ten thousand Korean Won, but with this zombie pack you can see the same effect of face lifting beauty care.

It's kinda funny that the brand name is Skin1004(1004 is pronounce as Angel in Korean) but the pack name is Zombie. I am not so sure if the brand is a fan of fantasy creatures, its a fun things to think about when you go to the toilet XD

I have been having loose pore these days, over flow of oils and I feel that the skin is loosing it's strength and weakening. So I needed this so much.

I'm so excited! When I saw this package I had high expectation!

All about this Skin 1004 Zombie Pack Kit
All about the Zombie Pack (powder)
Has 9 different organic ingredients that helps with pore care and skin tightening (peeling, skin texture smoother, skin whitening, moisturizing and transparent skin finish)
Helps with skin oil-moist balance and pore, tightening and lifting effect on the skin.
Each plastic is one time use

Activator (Liquid)
When you feel your skin loose lifting pack helps pore tightening
Also helps skin texture to be soft and has wrinkle care

How to Use
1. Mix the Zombie Powder and 3ml of Activator, one black line is one time use. and mix it well with a brush.
2. Except for the eyes apply the pack and do not let it touch the eyes and lips.
3. After spreading around your skin let it dry for 10~15 minutes and wash it off with the water
If you feel your skin tightening too strong, spray mist on top of the mask to reduce tightening

Powder : Albumin, Corn Powder, Silka, Antonine, Aloe Berry Leaf Extract, Pentenol, Lavendor Oil
Activator : Water, Butylene Glycol, 1,2-hexane dioxide, aloe vera leaf extract, Centella asiatica Urban extract, Western rose flower extract, hawthorn tree extract, Rose of Jericho extract, birch sap, adenosine, allantoin, panthenol, copper tree, peptide-1, glycerin, sodium PCA, disodium(EDTA)

This is one set, if you wish to get the same set check out the special sale that's going on in this brand.
I love the brush, love the zombie pack, and everything XD

If you open up the package it has this very soft small powder, very soft and small that if you are not careful your breath can blow them away~
I sneezed and spilled half of the powder, XD

Open up the activator and squeeze just 3ml of the liquid andmix it well with the brush
Now it's time to apply on my skin!

These cracks means that this part of the skin is dry.
I didn't have parts that had bubbles which indicate this part of the skin is very loose
So it's all cracks, I guess my cheeks are bit dry, it's quiet interesting how you can also know what state your skin is dry? or loose? just by how this mask turns out.
Of course it's a good prank to use too XD I think I scared my parents a whole bunch with this pack. XD

I did had parts that felt so tightening bit too much so I sprayed some mist
I like how you can also control the tightening strength because some skin are just more sensitive than others, and with a mist you can easily control the tightening and yet still see result without ruining the mask.

After wash I find my skin so soft and I like how my pores reduced so much, I do look younger because the chin skin that has been loose under neath had tightened, giving my chin a more sharper look XD

As you use this product you can slowly see less parts turns into cracks and less parts turns into bubbles. Really let you see how much effect this mask has given you. 
When I use mask I tend to do a moisturizing sheet mask afterwards
Because my skin did get bit irritation and dry. But this pack didn't give me the sensation of dryness so I didn't need to do a sheet mask afterwards.

I personally really recommend this to people who has loose skin going around their late 20's~to 30's But I even gave it to my mom and she loved it so much I had to buy another set. So it's a great gift for moms. 
I also think this helps with dry patches if you are having hard time with those
Also for those who is having pore problems and has loose pores and need some tightening
This also has cleansing effect so it's great for people who need their nose done and pore cleansing done.

I love how this one product has so many effects!
And how you can see the effects working with your own eyes
Of course be careful when you look in the mirror, you might get a heart attack by the ZOMBIE Pack XD

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I'm more than happy to help XD
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Lady Fox
Lady Fox

About the Author : Born in Korea but lived overseas for 12 years, loves Korean Skin Care. Back in Korea and enjoying her hometown more than ever! Loves buying Cosmetic and Skin care and loves to share that opportunity to her readers! See her shipping delivery on her private google community.


  1. This is by far the most interesting mask ever. :o
    When I saw the other photos I was shocked
    at first then starting laughing a bit because
    what a unique mask. I definitely agree on
    your comment about scaring family with this
    mask lol. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks Mary for your support always,
      It is a interesting product, and is scary if you do look at some of more direct pictures of this,
      I minimized any heart stopping pictures for my readers health and safety XD

  2. Korean products never cease to amaze me! Zombie pack is definitely a catchy name :D


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