Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tony Moly New Makeup Base, BCDation

We all know what BB cream and CC creams are if you are looking more of BB/CC cream rather than a new product you can always check my site map here or see BB/CC cream category.

I always love new products, I'm sure I have introduced you to various products that tried to increase the pros of CC cream and BB cream in one product like Vanishing Balm. Tony Moly brought this out around Feb, I've been trying this product out since. It's almost been more than a month since I used this I will tell you all about it. I believe it is worth sharing this product with you all.

Tony Moly sold more than 100 thousand of these products had have been advertising more since. Let's see if the product really good as they say they are.

Texture : Very liquid type it will slide down your skin if you tilt, unlike most denser cream types that just stays on like a cake decoration.

To those who like tone up products you will be happy to hear that BCDation has a color that is bit more tone up rather than tone down. I know many CC cream isn't as bright as it should be because they tend to express natural look. This was much brighter than other products I have used. 

Moist when Just Applied
Lightly spread /  Thick spread

Can you see how the moist sparkle in the picture?
It was very moist as if the cream is trying to strengthen the CC cream skin care features. In the ingredients it mentioned 50% of moist serum, I think you can see that through this pictures. The moist was enough to make the cream has that dewy glow when you apply it on your skin.

Before / After

Like most BB cream it has much better coverage than I expected. I thought the liquid texture will not be strong enough for a coverage like this,
You can see that it covered up all blemishes. You know how sometimes if you don't control BB cream it kinda floats around your skin? Well, the moist inside BCDation as it absorbs it also helps the cream itself to cling better onto the skin, making it easier for clumsy hand like me to not worry about applying too thick. 

For better moist and dewy look 
Try using air pump
See how the result comes out
Apply with hand / Apply with Air pump

You can see more dewy sparkle when you apply with air pump, it also helps the cream to last longer. So remember to use air pump when you use this cream!

Pump type for clean use, Very moist and light to apply.
I love how you can have both so much moist and have so much coverage

Love the coverage, though I needed to add bit more concealer for my dark circles. I guess there is no such product that can cover up my deep dark circles.
My dark circles are even darker than anyone because you can see a blood vessels goes pass the part where I have dark circles. Which really makes my circles look big and thick and always dark no matter what. But it covered enough that I don't need to matte up layers of concealer like I always do. To summarize high coverage!

It last longer than CC cream which tends to fly away easily. I think it has that stronger cling that BB cream has so it last longer than I expected



I no longer recommend this to dry skin


About the Author : Born in Korea but lived overseas for 12 years, loves Korean Skin Care. Back in Korea and enjoying her hometown more than ever! Loves buying Cosmetic and Skin care and loves to share that opportunity to her readers! See her shipping delivery on her private google community.


  1. Which do you prefer in terms of finish, overall likability and etc: Tony Moly's BCDation or Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream?

    1. For the finish banila co is bit more light, but Tony Moly isn't heavy either. Banila co has this whiteness that if you don't do well with controlling the amount it might look too white, but Tony Moly is bit more natural on that part. I think Tony Moly seems to last longer. I haven't experience oxidation on any of the products. Well, the coverage is Tony Moly wins. What else would you be interested in?

  2. Wow I hope I can try them too real soon! :O

  3. This product sounds promising! (: never knew there's such a hybrid kind of product!!

    1. There is more and more products that ha hybrid of the CC and BB it's like a trend in Korea, I guess CC cream is getting boring XD

  4. This seems like such an interesting product! *___*

  5. hi, can I check whats the price for this BCdation in korea?


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