Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to Reduce Pore Size, Try out this Skinmiso Pore Pact!

I senserially find this nose pack one of the best!
You might ask why nose pack so big?
Well this is a one big set here's what it contains

There is Pack 1 the white one and Pack 2 the blue one and a pore essence.
If you have pore extractor that will help clean your nose much deeper!

The essence is just a transparent liquid, you apply this at the very last step.
Now Let me tell you how you use this nose pack

First use Nose pack 1 and than use a swab or if you have a pore extractor use that instead for better results. After that use the Nose pack 2 this will tighten up the pores so that no more white heads or flaky particles will come out. Now that you tightened those pores, it's time to use the nice essence to make your nose soft and relaxed. Not irritated from all that cleansing. and there you go! Perfect Nose!

Please remember to gently use the extractor even if there is some left overs. You don't want to make your nose bleed or red strawberry. Just gently squeeze, if there is left overs you always have 9 more packs to take those out.

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About the Author : Born in Korea but lived overseas for 12 years, loves Korean Skin Care. Back in Korea and enjoying her hometown more than ever! Loves buying Cosmetic and Skin care and loves to share that opportunity to her readers! See her shipping delivery on her private google community.


  1. Thank you for this review! I could see that it really removed the blackheads/whiteheads well! Hmm, definitely better than those pore sheets which you have to stick and tear off after awhile...! Those hurt a lot!
    I will probably try this one soon! (;

    1. Those tear off, also irritate the skin, making your pores sensitive to the weather, which can cause greasy skin or dry skin. So I really don't like using tear off for pores. Either wash off pack or sheet pack like this one. Much less irritating and cleans out the nose very well


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