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Let's settle the BEST Liquid Foundation once and for all! Giorgioarmani Beauty Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF20 #4 VS Innisfree Mineral Moisture Foundation SPF17 W1

One of the most important products before you start your makeup everyday is FOUNDATION or Other color makeup products if you prefer BB cream and CC cream. Foundation is very important to start off your makeup, because you want flawless and brightened up skin.

Today I picked two products that is considered Best liquid foundation in some opinion. There are lot of Great and Best liquid foundation out there but since I can't offered to buy every singe, I got these two products to compare, Why don't you read along and tell me which one is the best and who wins?

Giorgioarmani Beauty Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF20 #4 VS Innisfree Mineral Moisture Foundation SPF17 W1

Let's start with colors
These two products has various colors for various type of skin color
I think its good for both products to give the girls all over the whole to choose the color
that is the closest to your skin color. We all want natural don't we? It's wired to have a extreme pale face and dark neck and body.

Giorgioarmani Beauty Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF20 Color LIST

(These are color available in KR there is lot other colors for people all over the globe)

 Innisfree Mineral Moisture Foundation SPF17
Innisfree kindly divided the colors into Warm tone and Cool Tone
If you don't know what tone you are here's a post to help you out!

Warm tone Colors(LEFT) : W1 Light Beige, W2 Natural Beige, W3 Deep Beige
Cool tone Colors(Right) : C1 Pink Beige, C2 Pink Nature Beige, C3 True Beige
Since I tend to use Color 21s (In Korean Cosmetic Product Standard) I choosen #4 for the Giorgioarmani Beauty Lasting Silk UV Foundation and W1 for the Innisfree Mineral Moisture Foundation. Though I think Giorgioarmani color #2 and #4 is very similar if you wish for a brighter tone that lightens up your skin tone you can go for #2

If you have used innisfree Mineral Foundation before 2013 (I think I'm not so sure of the dates) They have change those long products into this shorter and foundation with increased ability to cling, long last and stay moist, I hope you don't confused with the older version

Giorgioarmani is also a new version not so sure when they changed the product but before it was a dropper type, Yup very unhygienic. But now they change that!

When you open the boxes and the tube, you can see it is pump type, for cleaner use and easier to control the amount, I found 1~2 pumps is enough to cover up a average sized face. Since both textures are soft so they softely spread around your skin. Which I will explain more detailed below

Giorgioarmani Beauty Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF20

When I spread this cream I feel like it's melting on me XD
Like ice cream that is melting along my hand I love how it so softy spread across my hand. This means less irritation and easy spread with smaller amount. I'm not really a cosmetic grudges trying to save as much every time I use something, but it's nice to know that I can save bit of cash :D

After time pass it turns moist and cool finish without any stickiness
The moist didn't last as long so remember to have enough moisturizing in skin care 

Innisfree Mineral Moisture Foundation SPF17

One of the features this product promise is thick moist
So I expected bit of more thicker and more heavy type of cream
But I find this is much more lighter than the Giorgioarmani
Even if I spread the cream very lightly the pigment still exist 
But this also means that if you are not careful of the amount the pigment might get too much meaning you might end up having a face too pink and bright.

After time pass, I find it slowly turns into semi-matty texture.
I felt no stickiness afterwards
Because I said it's semi-matty it doesn't mean it's matty
Because there is a lot of oil inside the product that helps moist to last longer and give a dewy look into your face. Also I felt no dry outs.

Giorgioarmani Beauty Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF20

For Giorgioarmani brand, you can see that it clings to the skin so strong that
It almost looks like the color is my skin without makeup! In a days when you are having bad-makeup day, in times when your skin is not doing hot.
This strong cling still helps the makeup not to look so flaky.

If you check out the before and after
You can see how well it cover up the flaws of my hand XD

Innisfree Mineral Moisture Foundation SPF17

I love the strong pigment, it really bring up the skin tone
I like the dewy glow it gives. I find the moist last longer the Giorgioarmani.
Although clinging seems to be weaker because of all the extra moist it give to the skin

***Innisfree Mineral Moisture Foundation comes with a oil product
If you mix with this foundation you can expect higher cling and higher coverage

**Please note that this is merely my opinion**
GiorgioarmaniBeauty Lasting Silk UV Foundation VS Innisfree Mineral Moisture Foundation
30ml 75,000won VS 30ml 18,000won
Color types
12 colors VS 6 Colors
Texture (How well it spread)
★★★★(4) VS★★★☆(3.5)
If Giorgioarmani was a (surprizingly) soft texture in thick cream
Innisfree was soft because of the moist
★★★★(4) VS★★★★☆(4.5)
The strong pigment that Innisfree has helps the liquid foundation to have higher coverage
If you use the innisfree mineral moisture foundation with the specailized oil product you can increase to 5 point coverage! Giorgioarmani also has a high coverage
Cling (How well it clings to your skin)
★★★★★ VS ★★★★
Giorgioarmani had a very strong cling to your skin that even helps your skin in bad-makeup days.

Now this was merely my opinion 
Please tell me yours! 
I'm very curious, what product would you rather use your money on?


About the Author : Born in Korea but lived overseas for 12 years, loves Korean Skin Care. Back in Korea and enjoying her hometown more than ever! Loves buying Cosmetic and Skin care and loves to share that opportunity to her readers! See her shipping delivery on her private google community.


  1. Even though the Giogioarmi one is nicer, the price is a killer. I'd much more rather get Innisfree's since it's only about 1/4 of the price of Giogioarmi's but with the same amount of product. Plus both of them are good products. ^^ These comparison reviews are really helpful, I hope you do more of them in the future :D

    1. I'm glad my comparison reviews are being helpful I'll try to upload more as I can :)
      Yeah.. the price is really digs a hole in my wallet if I wish to buy them. I liked how Giogioarmi has the exact same skin color as mine but I like bit of skin tone up so that my skin looks fairer. So I'll probably go with innisfree this time.

  2. Does the color W1 of Innnisfree match your skin well. Im in color 21 as well for other BB Cream products of Korea. I'm worried if W1 is lighter than my face.
    Thank you for your review!!!!!

    1. W1 will work for you if you are 21.
      and thank you for your comments! :>)

  3. The Giorgioarmani Foundation seems like a perfect match for your skin & it's looks good too! The only downside is the price!
    Innisfree's product seem to work really well for the price.. quite a good deal! (:

    1. Yeah, I was surprised how it's perfectly the same color,
      But I'm not really happy with my skin color and I need something brighter!!!

  4. W1 is supposed to be warm but it looks pink/cool tone and not in a good way IMO...I'd still love to try the other Innisfree warm tones (3 maybe) if I can see how it looks on someone first. =) Nice comparison, but I can't pay that much for a foundation keke.

    1. Yeah it was bit pink...I guess even warm tone girls in Korea likes to look pale...
      I hope they bring out some more products for more various skin, but I think this will take time. LOL, is there a offline shop you can test out? There isn't a lot of girls out there that can pay that much for foundation :-d

  5. I have tried using G.A.'s Masteo Fusion MakeUp foundation with SPF15. One thing that I don't like about it is the colour...even shade 2 is the lightest of the range but it contains a yellow based tone and I don't want my skin to look warm as 'yellow' [-( Plus I think that it looks good when you just applied but I don't think it stays on, after sometime when you look at the mirror you can see and feel the 'make up look' and is quite heavy...may be this is not for me so I'd rather go for a cheaper one. (p)

    1. ah, you are more 'pink' based girl, than innisfree will work for you. if you are feeling your makeup is not 'staying on' it means you might have either flaky skin or oily skin not cared for in skin care step, or it's time for your skin to have some mask or pact treatment.
      But if you didn't like the color Innisfree "cheaper one" might work better for your skin

  6. Now I want to try the Innisfree foundation even more. :D
    Thanks for sharing this amazing comparison!

    1. Thank you dear! :))
      I'm glad that my post helped!

  7. GA Lasting Silk is like my HG foundation!!! But its price really bugs me >"< High end cosmetic is so over-priced!

    1. I know!! I hope they lower the price. I think they can really lower it, I mean, there is lot of other KR products that works the same, but half the price. why can't they do the same?

  8. Oh my God.. ;(( Now I'm craving for this Inisfree...! How much does it cost?

    1. Oh dear.. did I did it again? Did I make someone fall in love with cosmetic again? Oh dear... I seem to be doing that so often now XD I've posting up in my post but here it is again. 18,000won so around US$18

  9. hi!^^ do u think it will suit the humid weather in malaysia?
    plus,i have combination skin where it's quite super oily at t-zone and a bit dry at jaw area.
    i also have redden acne scars and pores...

    1. I might be bit TOO moist and dehydrate fast or melt with oil just too fast.
      I suggest you try Akma devil cushion or cushion with bit of serum control like innisfree long wear cushion. or creamy type the luna water cushions. these tend to not melt as terribly and don't disappear fast.

    2. i've bought innisfree long wear cushion.but i really hate it-- i cant stand the smell and the worse part it, dry to fast, hence it looks enhance the pores too. i really hope it's the case of how i apply it,because it'll be a waste if not--

    3. oh dear, the innisfree long wear cushion is a matte finish for oily and hot summer because you sweat often and the the powder soaks it off. I think your skin must be bit more drier than you think it is.
      Dry spray mist on your sponge and soak just once so one press, than use that one soak to tap on half of your face and soak once more for the other half.

      apply from your cheek bones towards your chin, and once on you got to your chin tap towards your nose and forehead and the rest on the side of the face. Do the same on the other side, tap a lot so that it wouldn't clog up pores but do better layering lightly.

      Or try putting on primer before the cushion will help

  10. Very helpful information
    last days was thinking about what to try next ...
    gonna try innisfree

    1. I am happy that you find this information helpful, just made the writing this post worthwhile.
      I hope you got some ideas about what to try! I do love innisfree defiantly recommend it :)


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