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Makeup Tutorial Get it Beauty 2013 Ep. 2 How to do Makeup that does not look like you did Makeup

Are you interested in a Makeup Tutorial that makes you look like you didn't do any makeup but upgrade your beauty the same time? XD

Is you BF one of those type of person who don't like makeup?

Let me introduce you a tutorial done by Get it Beauty, they call it 'Self-luminous Makeup'
the name does make sense! This makeup helps you do makeup that doesn't seems like makeup at all!

This Professional Makeup Artist showed two ways of doing this, one way is a makeup that looks beautiful even under the natural light, and another makeup that works better on fluorescent light. I really do hope this tutorial will help you shimmer your original Natural Beauty within!

Makeup Basic
Get rid of those dead skin cells on your lips

To get rid of the dead skin cells apply lip treatment on the lips 
and brush off dead skin cells!
Lips product she used E-Sllips JolleBeBe Lip Treatment

Next she applied Vitamin Balm around the Apple zone and around the places that are bumpy. The product name is BRTC Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream
This product helps brighten up dark zone
Since it's a stick you can easily and smoothly apply it on the dark zones of your skin.

With this Balm you can see how much brighter the face becomes!

Before / After

Next she used Pore Primer to cover up around the nose and any parts that's bumpy
The product she used is BRTC Pore Magic Primer

She had this Technic of mixing up Sun Block + BB Cream + Foundation 

I only know what foundation and BB cream
Biche Balm

She gave us another makeup tip about how to use the makeup sponge
She used mist on the sponge so that when you apply the mixed cream it will apply well and also add moist.

Eye Makeup

She used peach color eye shadow close to your skin color
The product she used is Shu Uemura Glow On Blush (mPeach44)

She applied around the eye hole
She also gives us a tip of how to use eye shadow
Instead of the brush fingers tend to blend the shadow much better

She used brown eyeliner to color between the eye lashes but not too much that the eye liner is seen on the tail of the eyes.
Product she used is Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner
Next she applied mascara 
The product she used is The Face Shop Face It Waterproof EX Mascara #1 Super Proof

Lip Makeup

She mixed BB cream and Lip balm to tone down the lips.
She did apply red lipstick on before she did this, by this the red lipstick becomes tone down making it pastel pink
The product she used is Biche Balm and E-Sllips JolleBeBe Lip Treatment
in the ratio of 1:1


Now once you enter into a place where there is fluorescent light this makeup may look too pale and the eyes make look too weak

So she will show you how to do makeup on your eyes.
She also considered how you can't carry a lot of makeup.
If you do this makeup all you have to do is visit the bathroom.

Strengthening the Eyes

She used the same eyeliner to color
She colored also the tail but not too deep, it will turn into smoky makeup
She also said how black could scare off boys XD
Use brown girls!!!

Use brown eye lashes
She used The Face Shop Face It Waterproof EX Mascara #1
Layer it on twice!

Next she used The Face Shop Lovely Mix Duo Powder PK101
around the cheeks

Strengthening the Lips

Use Orange Color lips from the center of the lips
Because you already tone down the lips the Orange color will look beautiful!

Then she used lip gloss on top starting from the center of the lips

I hope you like this tutorial!!!

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  1. Very nice one! I'll try this at home ^^

    1. I'm glad you liked it XD
      Do try them and tell me how it was


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