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Welcome to Lady Fox Blogger. So you wanna learn how Korean Girls do their skin care? I will teach you how to do Skin Care and Product Recommendation. All my products are bought with my own money and my true opinion about the product. I try to be accurate as possible but since every skin is different the effect might not be the same. Remember to always read at least 3 review about the product and if you can try samples before buying the product. This will save you money in the long run. You don't want to end up spending $$$ to waste because you are allergic to a product that worked so well to other bloggers.

I am not a full blogger nor a professional, I do it out of passion, so the post might not be consistent, but at least it's genuine. Enjoy my blog I hope you do!
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Love you All
Estella Roy (Lady Fox Blogger) *^_^*

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