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LadyFoxBlogger] 9 Step in Korean Skin Care Routine - LadyFoxBlogger Personal routine

 9 Skin Care Routine For Extreme Dry Skin.

#1 Cleansing Cream. Read Review
Sometimes I might use cleansing water (Scinic All Day Fine Pore Cleansing Water) But I use the cream more often both are not irritating and the main purpose of this is to erase any makeup at night routine or if my skin is extremely greasy I would use a two step cleansing method.

#2 Cleansing Oil. Read Review
It s a good product although I am slowly looking for something new to try out. But for now great makeup eraser and washer :)

#3 Cleansing + Toner. Read Review
This product has exfoliation you can use for daily use. Has whitening effect and moisturizing effect which I really enjoy these days.

I use this mist these days and I like it! I am using just to make sure it's moist before I lock my skin moist with facial oil. I tested out using before and after and I feel the if I use it before it seems to be less drying through out the day

#5 Facial Oil See What Others Are Saying(Amazon), Ebay
I need facial oil you see and I like this because it doesn't feel greasy afterwards it turns baby powder soft after its been absorbe to the skin.

#6 Essence Read Review
See what this essence does! Snail ingredients Love them! very helpful for dry skin and wrinkle care and whitening care all at once!

#7 Eye Cream What Others Are Saying(Amazon), Ebay
I love this eye cream because it was the one that last the whole day without the dry itch around my eyes! It might be different between skin type but this worked perfect for me :)

#8 Snail Cream Read Review
Although I like Mizon Snail Cream better but it seems to cowork with the essence well enough for me to finish this off.

#9 Nutrition Cream What Others Are Saying(Amazon), Ebay
I like this cream although its not technically a nutirtion cream although using nutirtion cream would be better, I feel if I use nutrition after facial oil and snail essence it starts to get heavy that's why I like using this because even though it has the balm oil texture, the oil doesn't feel heavy as you think it would be. Plus the oil barrior helps keep the moist form dehydrating which happens even if I wear a nutrition cream.

This is my first routine skin care introduction I hope it helps some of you.
It's working for my skin might not work well with yours but these are all great products worth taking notice. I advice you to see at least 3 other reviews about the product before you go on purchase. It's best to buy some samples if you can :)
Estella Roy
Estella Roy

About the Author : Born in Korea but lived overseas for 12 years, loves Korean Skin Care. Back in Korea and enjoying her hometown more than ever! Loves buying Cosmetic and Skin care and loves to share that opportunity to her readers! See her shipping delivery on her private google community.

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