Skin tone:what is NC NW

I love helping people get their way with products, get what they want the first time and enjoy it until it empty out. However if you are like me, not all the products you buy is what you will like after few days.

(Hey! I give half of my stuff away! my mom always nag me I'm wasting too much money on giving makeup gifts! XD)

To get stuff right for the first time I know you all go online see reviews if they have an offline store you go there and talk to the staff and get the right colors. 

A lot of you ask me what color would suit your skin the best. These question are the hardest and yet the most funnest comments I get! XD 

(I get an another excuse to keep all my makeup or go visit the store! YAY!)

Usually people refer to their skin color to the Mac Cosmetic Shade guild. I believe this is the best and most detailed and yet the worst thing to state your skin color. 

I'll tell you why it's the worst in a minute. First you gotta know HOW Mac Cosmetic Shade guild is made.

Stands for:
“Neutral Cool”
Match for:
Yellow/Golden Olive Undertone
Slightly Golden Undertone
Neutral Undertone
Slightly Pink Undertone
Pinkish Undertone

The numbers next to it are the "depth". Higher the number, the deeper the color. For example NW 55 is a very dark skin with pinkish undertone, whereas NC20 would be a match for someone with a lighter skin with slightly golden skintone.


Well, unless you go and try every color of MAC the easiest way is seeing under your elbow and look at the veins, if it is blue you are PINK if it looks green you are YELLOW/GOLD.

The reason this MAC guild line for skin tones is a mess because, 

First off not everyone is clearly can be called on the scale MAC gives you. Such as I have yellowish skin with bits of pink undertone, which is terrible because MAC divided Yellow and Pink. No one is just cool or warm some maybe even be neutral.

Another problem is that MAC shade is different between every product! Because MAC don't name the skin tone as just the depth but other things like it is suppose too. (ARRRG)

So it's really hard for me sometimes, to figure out what exactly fits you. So I always tell you all to try samples at least before purchase, or buy them all (XD) and get ready to give some away.

Just so you all know, Korean Cosmetics bases like bb cream, foundation has both cool and warm colors but mostly within 15~30 NC which is probably not over NW 20~25

So how do I choose stuff for your skin?

If you tell me your skin is 20 I would look stuff that will fit 15~25, if you tell me you are NC I'll look for something warm and pink which mostly Korean Products are.... and if you are darker or like natural skin I'll usually go for the other colors.

Always there to help
Your friend~ Lady Fox


  1. MAC uses the makeup artists color wheel which is pretty much the opposite of what we usually think of as cool vs. warm. An easy way to look at it is like this: Think of each MAC foundation shade as being named with either the cool or warm shade that would neutralize and balance out your skin tone.

    1. It seem like they mostly are like that.
      Since MAC makeup tend to be natural tone color when Korean Cosmetic tend to be more tone brightening

  2. Hi, I was just wondering if I could ask, i'm NC30 what would be a rough range to go by. So, I can pick samples that are more similar to that instead of accidentally going too light (if avoidable)

    1. I'll think you should go for natural beige in Etude House and 23 on other brands. although be careful some might be bit too dark so remember to see some photos of swatches before purchase

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