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I know somethimes you just wanna talk but when you visit my blog you have no where to actually talk? It's hard to comment when you have no post that has anything to do with your comments XD

If you have just any questions or stuff you wish to know and want me to write about
Or what you want from this blog
Or even what I am watching
Or even what I am wearing!

I don't really care I'm just wanna chat with you all and be friends :) is that too much to ask?

-------------------------------------------------------- July 20th
This page will be the page where you can ASK for a review of a product you want :)
Feel free to comment :)


  1. HELLO!! I just found your blog and I love it!!! thank you so much for taking the time to make reviews & other posts! you are the best! I was looking for a good sunscreen this summer and you have so many reviews~ thanks :)

  2. Jieuny your comments and interest is a great courage for me. These post does take time and effort and your encouragement is greatest strength for me XD

    I hope you got the sunscreen you needed :)

  3. Yes!! Im going to buy hera mousse sunscreen soon! thank you so much :) keep up the good work!!

  4. Anytime~ I know you have sensitive skin. If you look around my basic makeup page, you may find some sensitive skin BB cream or CC cream safe products!

  5. Hi!! Do you have a bloglovin account?

  6. Blog...what? what's that?
    Obviously I don't have a Bloglovin account

  7. hi, chance upon your blog, its rather comprehensive about lots of korean beauty poroducts, would love it if you could do a review on innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener and Laneige CC cream =)

  8. I'll look into innisfree I wana do laneige Cc cream but I'm not sure if I can call that brand "Korean Cosmetic" I do have the review but I haven't decided if I wanna post it or not :/

  9. hmm..Why is laneige not considered "korean cosmetic"?

  10. I don't know XD One of my friends strong states that the original brand is not from Korea... I gotta look it up later but I myself is not so sure. Even though the cosmetic is stated MADE IN KOREA the main brand could be from overseas It's complicated so I'm not so sure

  11. hmm according to this website,
    brands such as laneige, hera, etude house, sulwhasoo, mamonde and innisfree are all under the same parent company called amorepacific. Maybe because the name laneige stems from french word for snow, and it's widely established in beauty counters overseas, hence the misunderstanding?

  12. It could be Thanks for the clarification y_y I'll put up Laneige products too XD, I'll tell my friends that laneige IS Korean Brand XD

  13. Hi ladyfox! I wanted to send you a personal email but I couldn't find your email address anywhere so I'm leaving you a comment here instead. I just want to let you know I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. You can find the posthere. :) Please check it out when you have the chance!

  14. HeLlo! Just wanna ask if you've tried Faith in Face Masks before or heard of them? They're hydrogel masks and I saw them on Get It Beauty (Love this show btw!).. if not wrong, its available at Olive Young...

  15. hello friend!

    Have you tried Swanicoco 13Herbal Extracts PORE Clearance before?
    If yes, how would you compare it to Laneige Blackhead melting gel?
    Hope you are doing well! I have been busy this lately, will chat with you via email soon!

  16. Emeline I've saw that channel too! I'll try to put up the Faith in Face Mask as fast as I can XD

    Y_Y my friend XD
    I'm doing well, just like always I'm still falling in love with cosmetic :P
    Hmm It would be nice to do comparing post, I have tried Laneige Blackhead melting gel works well for blackhead, I gotta try Swanicoco I'll put up a review comparing as soon as I can

    Oh by the way do you like my new layout ;)

    1. Thank you! (: can't wait for the review! The packaging of the mask is so pretty!^^

      Currently busy with my exams): when it ends next week, I'll be back to check out your new posts! Cool layout btw!

    2. LOL good luck with your exam! Comeback with good grades! Good Luck!
      And thank you for loving my lout btw ;)

    3. Yea, I like the new layout, you must have time quite a bit of effort on it!

    4. LOL, I'm so happy that you notice that, it took a whole day to make this happen, I'm no expert so it took my weekends Although I'd rather go shop more cosmetic, I thought it was time for a change!

    5. Haa I'm sorry I made you spend money...=/

  17. Hello, I stumbled upon this blog and noticed on FB that LFMB helped a lot of people. However I also noticed that u have, good luck on ur exam and after exam then I really hope you can help me...much later.....

    also sorry cannot comment on new layout since never seen the old one.

    ------------read after exam--------------

    I am looking for new product for skincare since BLANCHIR KANEBO recall most their product due to white patches problem.

    I plan to try Korean product since I am Asian (chinese from Malaysia), and Korea also well-known for their beauty care and surgery (not going for that).

    I'm 24, girl, skin concern: oil/combination but I hope to lighten my skin....Price: going to be housemanship soon, so money range about medium spending for skin care will be best.I am rarely wearing makeup. At most is BB cream and lip balm since I do not know how to do it myself.

    Actually also am confuse differences between whitening, brightening and lightening (checked google, but still confused).....I'm Asian (Chinese-on fairer skin tone). I'm very very fair in young age, alas, growing up under sun made my skin slightly darken my precious skin TT__TT So I should going for brightening or whitening? Lightening product is very rare to find in skin care, they mostly cater to brightening or whitening....

    Please help guide me to see which product(s) is probably suitable for me to try on? I plan to get trial set first. Skin Food, Face Shop, Nature Repubilc, Innisfree, Leneige....But I could not possibly use all those, so I may hope to pic top 3 choices if you can help me.....

    PS: I also read people raving about the water pack Leneige....if I have oil/combine skin, can I used that? I mean does oily skin can use hydration type care line?

    PPS: I am also the type of person prefer a complete set one brand user instead of combined this and that brand....but if some product can be add on, I might also will include it..hehehehe

    Please help

    Thanks XD

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Especially the long text!
      I love long text comments! (I love to read and chat about cosmetic)
      Nah, you make me blush, I'm just getting people stuff while I get mine!
      I do my best to answer questions, because Just few years ago, I was the one who asked so many questions! and don't even know how to wear mascara! Actually I haven't met anyone who was lost as I was when I was younger (wow that makes me sound old!)

      LOL anywyas,Many girls these days are oil/combination. You may have some troubles around the T zone (forehead and nose),Maybe around the U-zone can be oily too, If you have a lot of oil makeup can melt, I'll keep that in mind as I think about what to recommend for you.

      I understand the confusion,
      Well, whitening, brightening and lightening is almost the same and yet different
      Whtiening : this actually means whitening your actual skin tone.
      If you feel your skin darkened this is what you should look for
      Brightening and Lightening has no barrier difference, they almost is the same thing
      Brightening means the cream you use will give natural glow,
      This could caused by moist, oil, etc.
      Lightening is more of stronger tone than brightening so it could mean
      Soft shimmer or light reflect.
      Always, I can't emphisize this enough, Wear thick sun cream.
      Even if you don't do makeup sun cream is always a must,
      Okay, I'll go by one by one,
      Skin Food, has a nice whitening product line,
      Though higher price than the other brand, I think their product is nice
      (If the price is high you don't need to buy all the line, just few of them will work)
      I would recomment the Tomato Whitening Product line,
      I like the line because even the sensitive skin can use tomato line and have no troble,
      (If sensitive skin can use it anyone can!)
      They have Emulsion, Toner, Serum, Cream, and Serum
      You don't need to buy them all,
      Just buy Toner, Emulsion and Cream. (Rest is just extra, and since there is so much your skin can absorb don't need to buy so much.)
      If you are looking for BB cream, Skinfood Goodafternoon BB is quiet moist. Though Skinfood don't have a lot of great BB creams

      Face Shop
      I like the Clean Face line, from the cleansing to BB cream
      There stuff is oil free, and helps a lot with skin troubles,
      Right now the most popular product is probably ChiaSeed moistureizing Cream
      A lot of Oil skin people love this clean fresh feeling cream.
      SMIM Radiating Product line is something I think you might like,
      I use this too, because I like oil free and clean feeling afterwards
      Are you sure you don't have sensitivity skin? I know some people who have bit of cosmetic sensitivity reaction, Had bit of reaction to this product, I think that's because either they just applied this one productor allergic to some of the ingredients, I think the clean feeling afterwards is cause by alcohole. If you had reaction to alchole, you might not like this line.
      If you are interested this line has toner, Emulsion, Essense, Cream
      Natural Republic
      has my favorite Moisturizing cream, I wrote a review on it
      The super aqua Max Combination Moisture Cream
      They made three types for different types of skin.
      Whitening Collagen product line is good, I haven't heard my friends say they had trouble using this
      Aqua line is made for people with troubled skin they have
      Toner, Emulsion, Essense and the Moisture cream I was talking about,
      If you don't mind something that feels nice to use
      The First Product line is great!
      The First product line has A lot of products like 12 of them.
      From cleanser to sleeping mask,
      I think all you need is
      Clear Toner, eyecream, emple essense, emulsion and cream. If you like night care products they have whitening sleeping mask


    2. Innisfree
      Innisfree has a lot of skin care products,
      Apple, green tea, Olive, Eco Science, Peas, Oysters, Green Bary, The Minium, Camelia, Volcanic Cluster, Forest,Rapeseed flowers, etc.
      I haven't use all of them to give a accurate recommendation.
      I used this and that little bits.
      I liked the White Tone up line, I've used it when I had bits of sensitive reaction.
      It actually cared my skin problems (not as much as acutally care products but little bit)
      And I like how it first clean up my skin and than slowly whiten it up.
      I liked the Skin and lotion but not so much the emulsion. Emulsion had such a fast effect, I was afraid of all the chemical they put in
      for such a fast effect. This line has Skin, Lotion and Essense.
      Soybean firming line is great too!
      It does has whitening effect and good for combination/oily skin.
      They have skin, lotion, sebum, Neck Cream(I did an review of this) Firming Cream, eye cream.
      You don't need to buy all of them ;) if you want extra care for your next and if you feel like it time to care for yoir wrinkles
      and eyes, (I always say take care of your wrinkles before you start seeing them!)

      Last but not least
      Laneige is bit expensiver than other brands,
      I don't really care for the price as long as they do they work,
      But laneige price may sound harsh.
      Currently France Sparkling Water Line is GREAT!
      Really, great, the only reason they don't sell as much is because of the price
      This line has Essense and Jelly Cream
      If you are looking for cheaper price
      I would recomment white plus renew they have
      emulsion, skin refiner, night cream, treatemnt EX, Eye cream and Plus Renew
      The Plus renew is really great if you are looking for whitening product, I feel it's one of the best Korean Whitening Product,
      Laneige has a lot of good stuff, but because of the price it's better to buy good products from each line,
      I would go with, one of water bank line products, choose a cream type(you don't need that lot of moist)
      Original essense White Plus renew
      and power essential skin refiner light
      I did an review of this product, Laneige CC cream, I think its a good product, Laneige BB cream is all old products
      So I wouldn't recommend them.

      I really hope I helped you :P
      I'm thinking about posting this! I hope this helps more people choosing base skin care products

    3. I made post for your questions! with pictures ;) go check it out

  18. I want to be your friend :))!!
    Would love for you to check out my Fashion blog that features among other things Korean influenced styles ;)

  19. Thank you cornelia I also would love to be your friend~
    I'll be visiting :)

  20. alright dear, I'll upload it as fast as I can

  21. Hi .^-^.
    after read your review about Etude Any cushion, and purchase one. I really love it, thank you for introduce such a good product.

    Anyway, i just came back from traveling, and ..... >.< my skin somehow became dark.
    I heard about Dewytree Extreme Whitening, but this brand is kinda new to me.
    Would you mind to review this product? because when i opened the site of this brand, it's all in korean >.< and all i can do was just to stare at the picture there ^^!

    or do you have any other nice whitening product to introduce to me ^^?

    Need help

    Thanks .^-^.

  22. Hello ^_^
    I'm really curious about the Clio Vf 21 cc cushion #1 and the Vf 21 volume brightener #1 Can you please do a a review on those 2 products? :) I'm trying to decide whether I should buy it or not.

  23. hi hun,
    thanks to your review, I'm now enjoying my Innisfree Air Skin Fit BB Cream, its awesome like you have said, a lot lighter on the skin, less clogging of pores too, best bb cream I have tried thus far. Hmm have you heard about Leaders Insolution Derma Soul Detox Mask (with algae extract) and Innisfree perfect 9 repair series?

  24. I've hear of Soul Detox Mask I'll keep that in mind and see

    I have tried innisfree perfect 9 repair but haven't decided if I want to post it up or not XD

  25. no worries about it! On hindsight, I just brought a laneige eyeliner, and it says made in Germany, so maybe that's why your friend said its isn't a 'Korean' brand?

  26. Ohh could you also recommend me a eyebrow pencil (preferably the auto kind)? I'm on the lookout for a replacement ^__^

  27. Ah maybe so. Laneige tend to get their cosmetic products made in a Germany research laboratory

    Hmm, I'll post something you'll like ;) There was a lot of auto products release this 2013 S/S(Spring and Summer) So I think you'll like what I will post soon :)

  28. thank you dear, I will look forward to your post, =) but remember to put your health above all, so no hurries! ^^

  29. Thank you dear, you are so sweet :)

  30. Hello, do you know Yadah brand?
    Their products are more torward to teenagers and free from harmful chemicals like paraben, etc.

  31. Lol, I seen my friend's younger sister using that brand but I haven't tried, mostly because I'm bit too old to be using teenager's product XD

  32. Hi have you heard about dewytree? I really want to try some of their products but there aren't so many reviews on the internet and the site is all in korean e_e

  33. I like dewytree too, I'll upload more product review XD

  34. Aww thank you!! I hope you'll review their 'aqua peptide collagen' line :D

  35. Hi, have you tried Innisfree's green tea seed oil? Do you think if it is suitable for combination skin?? Thanks ^^

  36. Oh yes, Innisfree green tea seed oil is good for combination skin, I seen many combination skin friends use this and see moisturizing effect and it seems to work well with combination skin

  37. How much is the shipping fee? I would like to order a products.

  38. Please email me the products you want and your country so I can calculate the international shipping fee

  39. Hi, l'm from Malaysia. The products i want is as follows:
    1) Laneige -Water Sleeping Pack_EX
    2) Skin Food - Aloe Moisture Ampoule 100


  40. Please all orders ask through my FB or email :

  41. hi~~
    I just found your blog & I love it! it's so helpful
    and thank you so much for taking the time to make reviews & other posts! ^^

    i was looking for good mask sheet. and tempted to buy tonymoly I'm Real mask sheet. have you try I'm Real mask sheet? is it good? can you recommend cheap yet good mask sheet? hehe thanks ^^

  42. Lol, there is so many mask sheet all cheap and good it's tough to choose
    Their difference is very little. Well, I think there is Etude House Alphabet mask sheet people like it because there is so many to choose from and the cheapest.
    But if you walk into Olive young(Drug and Cosmetic Store) they have even more mask sheets from brands like Dewy Tree(one of my recommendation), Faith in Face Mask(My favorites), and Aritume. Tony Moly pact is just okay~ Not so famous in Korea or anything. No many review either XD

  43. noted!

    one more thing, do you know any store (not the online shop/store) who sell Leaders Insolution in korea?

  44. They don't have their own shop but you might able to see them in Olive Young or in Emart Cosmetic shops

  45. hello, i'm newbie in the skincare land
    i just love how you write your review
    and i hope that you will write more review in future, esspecially about skin care

    1. Thank you ode! Thank you.
      I'm glad that you liked my skin care posts and my reviews.
      I will keep in mind and post more about skin care! :>)

    2. hi, i'm back again with new message, kekeke
      i have product review request. would you like to make review of Innisfree green tea new collection and etude moistfull super collagen? i really know how that product works. i'm sorry, my english just so so.
      since i learn japanese, i forgot all about english. kekeke
      thank you, you are really kind, reply reader's messages, and i really like that.

    3. Hey how you've been! It's been a while, alright, I was going to review Green tea anyway. I'll upload as soon as I can~ x-)

    4. i will waiting for the review..
      thank you very much, i like your blog. really like it.
      hope you can share more get it beauty in future. i'm sorry i have a lot of request to your blog, hehe
      i hope if someday i'm going to korea , i can meet you.

  46. Hi, I'm new here. I just found your blog when I search get it beauty product ^^ and like your blog post. I'm trying to catch up your entries one by one and very interested in shopping with you. Too bad I just found out your blog now since I just travel to Korea last month, if I know you sooner we might be meet up when I was in Seoul ^^

    1. Hey Iced Lemon Tea!
      It would have been nice to meet up with my readers :D
      Maybe next time ;(
      If you wish to get a product through it's better if we can talk in private? XD
      Do email me : or message through my fb page

  47. hello what a nice blog you've got here! I'm a Korean cosmetic and skincare fan, especially so curious about MULE. Hopefully you'll review the new collection when it's launched!

    Regards from Indonesia

    1. I will! If I have enough money to purchase them XD They are expensive brand for a KR brand.

  48. hello...
    I'm newbie in korean skincare and cosmetic fan and your blog help me to try product, I try secret key light shine brightening after read about your review :) . I will try missha peeling gel, is it alright for oily acne prone skin? do you have any recommendation for me?;-?
    And my sister try to find serum for dark spot, she is in early 30, do you have recommendation?

    Regards from satri (k)

    1. I think Missha is great for all skin types so do try the product out. It will really help with flaky skin. if you have any of those. Could you email me dear? I'll take time to think. my email is this

  49. Hi,
    I was looking for get it beauty review products and your blog was popping out. I really like Korean make up and cosmetics as well. After watching My Love who came from the stars I reallllllly like Yoon In Na's lip make up in the movie. Get It Beauty has an episode that showed how she was doing her lip make;however, it is in Korean so could you please help me to find out what products she was using? Thanks in advance and have a nice day

  50. Here is the video I forgot to give you
    My bad :-d

    1. Lip balm Dior 'Crème de Rose
      Tint Benefit chacha tint
      lipstick MAC peach took or shygirl
      she also used bobby brown colorlip coal

  51. Hi, I really enjoy your blog and all of your review. Can you do review some good colour pencil eyeliners? Maybe your favourite ones? And can you introduce to us some hype products in Korea :-d

  52. Lol, hype products XD
    Maybe, I might and critic everything I can find in that product.
    I'll try to upload, but as you can see, the review request line is long @-)
    I'll try to post up all the review request as soon as I tes them all thoroughly.

  53. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing. I read it all night! :D
    I hope many brands will send you their products so you could review (k)

    1. Lol, I never received a product from brand before...Some readers say that's why they love my blog even more, because it's trustworthy. Anyways, thank you for reading my post. But remember to get your beauty sleep dear~ my blog is all about beauty and I don't want you to lose your pretty skin because of my blog :-d

  54. Estella can you do a review on the new BB cream from Etude House.... Etude House Precious MIneral BB cream Blooming fit and the Label young zz cream?

    1. Love to! I already got the ZZ cream and testing out for few weeks before I write my review.
      Hmm, Precious Mineral BB has already many good reviews so I didn't thought you will be interested in one by me. I'll keep a look out for a time to buy that product :)

  55. Ohh really can't wait to see the review for the zz crema :) Ohh it already has review on it its a new etude house precious mineral bb cream the blooming fit one? heres the link

    1. I might do a review about ti XD
      Ah for ZZ cream I will be uploading shorting, I know it's late but I will! :d

  56. Hiiii ^^ I love your cyber name :D Lady Fox sounds pretty~

    I'm wondering whether you will do a comparison review between laneige water base cc cream and tony moly live aura cc cream? Other blogs that I read said laneige is the best for oily skin, but others said it's the tony moly one @.@

    I love your blog by the way! <3
    I never knew there were so many underrated Korean Brands before...
    I only knew some, and out of all my favorite is Innisfree <3 their products always smell and feel good~~
    Laneige is coming as a second, their products work amazing on my skin ^^
    And lately I'm becoming more and more interested in Tony Moly, more after reading the Kiss Lover Lip Master here on your blog! I love love love pigmented lip tints, but I can't buy it since I already have a lot T.T I'll definitely buy it when one of my lip tints runs out <3

    Thanks for your hard work in writing the reviews <3

    1. Thank you dear~, Love your comment so much I read it twice,
      You really made my da~
      Ah, tony moly aura cc cream and laneige water base cc cream
      Both are good for oily skin and has natural finish
      the difference is the brand and price. I guess it depends what brands works better on your skin and what price range you are looking for XD

  57. Hi, I'm a Malaysian age 22. Can you recommend me some eye cream?
    I have combination skin. I'm looking for eye cream that is non-sticky, easily absorbed, not too expensive as I'm still a student, moisturize

    1. I do like the eyecream from Saem very moisturizing and light.
      Have you used it before or heard the brand?

  58. I'm very interested in reviews about VDL metal cushion and Luna compact and liquid foundations!

  59. Hi!
    I tried searching for Innisfree red wine peeling scrub on your site but can't seem to find any.
    Hope you are able to do a review on this product.


  60. Hello! Can you do a recommendation list or reviews of physical sunblocks? I don't really wanna use sunscreens! Thank you!

    1. LOL, Use them dear, or it's no use applying expensive skin care products.
      Just cause more acne, dark spots, and various skin irritation. Better to use good sun block now before too late!
      well, all sunblocks are very similar haven't decided which is best I will do so soon!

  61. Hello Lady Fox, thank you for all your reviews they're so helpful! Could you review the L'Ocean Tint Stick 로쎄앙 틴트스틱 ? I couldn't find any reviews in english TT Thank you~

  62. Hello!! Do you have any recommendations for whitening serum and sunscreen for sensitive combination skin? Thanks a lot :D

  63. Hello!
    I've been reading your blog for some time and it's great!

    But recently I've become interested in Beauty gadgets (ultrasound, radiofrequency...), but I don't know who to ask, and some devices in eBay scare me a bit, because I don't know if they're safe!
    Do you know what kind of devices are in use in Korea right now (For wrinkles, tone and pigmentation) and the rating they have? And if you don't know, do you know someone who could advice me?
    Thank you so much!!

    1. Beauty Gadgets. Please be more specific, English isn't my fist language and I don't really get what you mean. email me dear,

  64. Hi! I have been following your blog for almost a year now. Thanks for taking the time to write such interesting posts and reviewing products! Because I have large pores and indented scarring from acne, I am thinking of buying a pore balm to help fill them in. I have already read your reviews for Face Shop's and A'peiu's pore balms. I am wondering if you could give your opinion for another pore balm: Missha's The Style Art Designing Pore Cover Balm. Thanks for reading this!

    1. WOW that's so awesome! Thank you for following my blog!
      Thank you for reading :) I really appreciate it! I would love to get you know you through my community if you are intrested (you can visit through a big banner on the left)

      Missha the style art designing pore cover balm, it's not my favorite because it's okay quality for cheap price but I find that it mose the makeup around if you are not careful with amount. In the morning you don't have much time (or awake enough) to think about amount.... After few use in the morning I lost my patience and don't use it any more. If you can apply the right amount every time you use it. it's a good product to try out. It does have my favorite silky feeling afterwards... Just that I am not so good at when it comes to controlling amount x-)


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