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Korean Skin Care Tips For Age Range, Not Surgery but Beauty Care

Not Surgery but Beauty Care

Korea the love of more beautiful face is probably the most highest. It got to a point where it start influencing various of beauty methods. 20's want more dynamic face while 30's want a face more younger.

20's : Eye Lashes Extension

Eye lashes extension is putting fake eye lashes between the real ones with glue. This is very popular among women with short eye lashes.

You might have seen mascara that makes your eye lashes longer which makes your eye more lovely. This extension will help with the mascara step which makes the makeup time overall shorter and faster. 
Usually this doesn't feel fake and it last 3~6 month.
You can even choose the eye lashes length depending on your eye lashes and there is no pain or puffiness afterwards. But eye part of the skin is the weakest part of your face. If you are not careful and let none professional person do it for you it can leave a scar. So only do it in places that you can trust they have the skill to do it right!

Tint Makeup

These days you see this very often inside TV Korean Channels. K pop stars prefer half permanent makeup that is natural enough to seem like face without makeup. Before it wasn't so positive impression because it sounded like tattoo. In Korea tattoo is very negative impression. 

But now there are various color and type of makeup that give natural look and give the bare face very textured look. You can even fool your Boy Friends that you are born with texture. I have! (hope he doesn't read this post!)

Not only that it is strong against sweat and water and shorten the time for makeup. My favorite product is Clio Tint Eyebrow you should check it out. 


Young Face Acupuncture

I have no idea how many of you can get this treatment. In Korea it's easy to get these treatment. But if you do visit Korea someday or have someone who can do this. By all means I should say it's worth it. Why is it popular? Well unlike plastic surgery you don't need to open any skin and it's much safer and yet you can stop aging signs.

I heard it about 50,000~60,000KWN(Korean Currency) and you do it 5~10 times putting in needles where your blood flows giving skin the tightening effect, tightening pores, and better blood flow so that toxic can come out easier.

It's much cheaper than plastic surgery and yet you can see great effect so I heard many 30's do this.

Planting Fats

LOL, I see this among a lot of older generations of celebrities in Korea. They put their but fat on their face! I know it sounds gross, I know that my time will come. But the reason why people and even celebrities prefer this is because it helps your face look 10 years younger by making your face round like a child. Since the fat is part of your body ther is less danger in the process and after. Plus you get to get rid of the fat on part of your body! LOL

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Estella Roy
Estella Roy

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