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CLIV, Help for All Loose Pores, 3X Pore Tightening Ampoule

Pores one of the things that is not easy to take care of. especially once it has been widen up it. Pores become bigger in many ways, aging, long term oily skin tend to have larger pores, too much peel offs, too much pore deep cleansing without tightening it back, and even long term clogged pores all cause pore widening. This get worse as it get wider because wider it is the easier it gets clogged, washing it off with deep cleansing (probably not doing it right) cause more pore problems and in the end widen up the pores. It's a one terrible cycle that once you fall in, it's hard to get out.

I usually ask them to use something that has pore tightening effects. But I realized, it's doing peeling and moisturizing the right way is the way for preventing pore enlargement. Yes preventing. Its almost impossible to reduce pore size when it's already so widen. So many celebrities use layer surgery to reduce pores but even that if you don't know the exact reason why your pore is widening it will not work for long.

(If you like a more in depth review about pore care let me know on the comments below!)

It's important that you know what's causing your pore to enlarge and that you are doing the exfoliate the right way and do deep moisturizing afterwards. Cool moisturizing sheet mask after peeling works too. But still, this is preventing pore widening, how about the pores that already lost it's strength?

That's where this ampoule comes in, I searched many products out there and looked for something cheap and yet large quantity and also effective with high quality.
I was battling between Swanicoco and CLIV but just until I get my monthly wage I will first go with CLIV and do another pore tightening swanicoco review later. Maybe next month or so XD

Tightening Ampoule Against Widened Pores, Loosened Skin and Dryness
I have high expectation from this product.
I hope it really works as all the people say about it

It's has a nice eyedropper and if you look closely it has gold powder inside the liquid
Eye dropper really helps to control the amount.
The Texture is very water and will easily spill so it's best to drop a small drop all over your face and tap it as you spread.
We all know how gold it use for various beauty method.

Texture is very watery with gold powder once it is spread it makes this barrior that seem to there was bit of tight stickiness that some girls might not be used to
But overall it has a fast absorbency, not so sticky as you think it would be.
But to some this barrior tightening might feel strange.
I liked it because it helps other skin care to absorb better because it clings better.
Thanks to the ampoule

Today I did not upload Before After effect of this ampoule because no matter how I took the picture it doesn't seem to show very well.
Skin Care products tend to be the hardest to take picture of Before and After,
And needs various options for the picture to express what I want.

But this also means that to see change it means you need to consistently use the product. Love that it is 100ml a good amount that you can use for a very long time with this one product. 

I did see effect, and I do like that it is very moisturizing that with this ampoule I can just skip other skin care if the weather is dry. (Should have gotten this during the summer what a bummer) It's very moisturizing which is important for pore care, Love the fast absorbency, and the effect it gives.

Pore tightening is a long way care.
And it's best to do it before your pores start to cause problem.
I recommend this product to those who needs more care for pore tightening

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