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The Solution to All Skin Troubles, Acne, Red Cheeks, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Itchy and Pulling Skin

If you have seen my English Subbed Videos
You'll know what I would say

First let's see some Skin troubles that exist

Pulling Skin

People may feel their skin pull right after they finished face wash
This is one of the most common skin troubles you'll face

White Flakes of Skin

Don't tell me you never experienced this.
Sometimes if pulling gets worse small flakes of skin pulls off
some may have find them after they apply BB cream
and BB Cream + Something squishy rolls off your skin.
Well, those squishy things? 
Those are dead skin cells that rolled off mixed with BB cream
Not only this makes you think your skin is gross
But it also block makeup from clinging onto your skin.
Those days when makeup don't seem to work?
Well, check your skin condition

Itchy and Pain

When you apply skin or toner
Have ever felt bit of sting on your skin?
Or have you felt around your eyes or lips or other places itchy?
Well, your skin condition is already terrible

Redness on the cheeks

I've got many mails crying for help about this
Even if you don't see them often a wind or heat can easily trigger your skin to get red
Not only this looks ugly but it also means your skin sensitivity is very high

If this stays on long enough even the most healthiest skin can turn into
Sensitive skin type

If this gets any worse


The most deadly enemies for all women
Acne and pimples
Your skin can't take it any more and they are starting to grow 
around your chin forehead cheeks EVERYWHERE

Now if you have ever had these experience or fear to having them AGAIN
Relax~, there is a solution
Because there is only ONE thing that trigger all of this.


For the actual video check it out I subbed it in English :)

 If you have seen the video you will now understand what
Oil/Moist Skin Balance is
But if you are still confused or need someone to write it out
Here I am XD

Girls, have many reason to feel their skin is not in their best condition
First we have the monthly spell
I always tend to have pimples around that time :/
Second Weather change like spring or fall, humid summer or dry winter
some girls know there is a weather change
even without looking at the calendar!
Third, your body is not in a good mood
You could be either sick or recovering from one, or just too stressed out or just not in a good condition.

Most often the first change they experience is Dryness
Healthy skin as both oil and moist on our skin
The healthy ratio is Moist(3) : Oil(7)
Even if just a 30% of moist is not enough
all type of skin trouble will show.

There is two types of Oil/Moist Skin Balance Failure Types

#1 Moist Dehydration 
There are people who lack moist
But has normal amount of oil
Makes the skin feel greasy
Most people call this combination skin

Sometimes the skin will become sensitive as moist disappear and can trigger more oil making your skin Oily skin
Yup, All oily skin used to have a healthy skin but turned into a oily skin just because you didn't put enough moisturizing cream!
(Don't worry I'll explain the solution in a minute, give me time dears~)

#2 Moist and Oil Dehydration
There are people who lack moist and oil
Skin will feel severely dry
This is called Dry Skin

Before you turn into absolute dry/oil/combination skin
you are still considered healthy skin or normal skin (I envy you!)
but depending on your condition skin can turn to either of these type

There must be few people who don't know whether they are lacking moist or both?

You can easily buy a machine that will check your skin condition immediately but you can also d a self testing it's quiet accurate so try it :)

Here's a self testing


Check how many yes you have
1.  On the afternoons T zone feels greasy or has patches of oil
2.  Around the lips and eyes feels dry
3. Your skin seems to look oily but you feel dry inside
4. You tend to experience acne or pimples
5. Your skin is not thin and your pores tend to be big

If you said at least 3 of them YES
You have #1 Moist Dehydration 

Check how many yes you have
1. You see a lot of little wrinkles around your eyes and mouth
2. You tend to find your skin flaky and white cracks
3. When ever you scrub your face, it itches and feel shot of pain
4. Moisturizing cream is absorbed fast
5. Your skin don't look lively and tend to have redness

If you said at least 3 of them YES
You have #2 Moist and Oil Dehydration

Now you finally know what condition your skin is
I advice you to do this self testing ever once in a while when you feel your skin change


Get it beauty asked the Better Girls question you all might have wondered
So do check out the English Subbed Video for more info
I'm just going to tell you the solution to care for your oil/moist balance

#1 Moist Dehydration 
If your skin turned out to be this type
it means you'll have to find moisturizing cream that has FEE-OIL features.
Never use a oily product or your skin will turn into absolute Oily Skin

Products I recommend
- Ampule
- Moisturizing Cream
- Moisturizing Cream
- BB Cream (Air Skin Fit)
- Dry Pact
-Other Skin Care Products

#2 Moist and Oil Dehydration
If you skin lacks both oil and moist
You gotta get products that has both good amount of moist and oil

Moisturizing Cream
- Moisturizing Cream (Use Dry Skin Use)

Sorry I don't have a lot of review for this type of skin
I tend to hate oily products
But these products can help a lot with people with this type of skin

What type are you any products that works for you?

Are you interested in this product?
Are you having trouble in getting this product?
Check out my event to my readers
Lady Fox
Lady Fox

About the Author : Born in Korea but lived overseas for 12 years, loves Korean Skin Care. Back in Korea and enjoying her hometown more than ever! Loves buying Cosmetic and Skin care and loves to share that opportunity to her readers! See her shipping delivery on her private google community.


  1. This test is the great found ^^ I'm #2 type of skin, so dry~~~
    when the weather change, i can see that my skin peel off ....again and it's broke my heart (hahahah XD) especially around fore head and nose (T-zone area)
    i have to put lots of shooting cream, cause it's kind of hurt >.<

    I've ever tried The Face Shop product but don't worked, the i tried Laneige's water based product - and it do well, but with Etude House's Moistfull Collagen - it's really do wonder to my skin ^^ i really never thought Etude will have a great product like this.

    but... ^^! yu know, I'm a girl who wants to have bright, white, flawless skin. So I use Sulwhasoo Snowise Set, I've to admit SHS not moist enough for myskin.

    Then I plan to try Sum:37 which look will gives my skin enough of drink ^^ (from ads),but after i finished my Sulwhasoo Snowise first

    1. Thank you for sharing dear :)
      That's quiet interesting. I have #1 so I never knew it was such a pain to be a #2 skin :/
      I guess your skin is extremely extremely dry. Take care dear. Use thick creams!

      Really? Etude House seems to have the best quality for such price.
      Etude House did win many blind test in Get it Beauty you can see that they have hidden great products. I like Moistful collagen too actually. I use them myself but my skin tend to be dry so I keep apply a little in dry parts with another rich cream.

      Hmm, of course every girl wants bright skin. that Sulwhasoo set was such a Seller, it was really popular all around the globe! it has a very good cream and toner, hmm I should maybe buy another set and share it with you all :) If its not enough you can always use another moisturizing cream on top

      Of course XD You don't want to have too many products at the same time

  2. this is such a wonderful informative post! great for people with oil-moist imbalance. Now we know that oil-moist imbalance can be further grouped into 2 types, which is also known as the difference between combination and oily. arasso 알았어 ^^ thanks for sharing this with us =)

    1. Your so sweet! XD I'm glad you find this post helpful
      Not only that you can get the idea what type of cosmetics you should get, I tend to not like oily products which is not really good for #2. Really helps me what more products I should introduce :)

  3. Great info ^^

    Thank you ~~

    Hoş alışveriş olmuş ^^

    1. :) Thank you Merve, I'm glad you find this post helpful

  4. I have dry skin and oily skin plus I have very red cheeks ;( what foundation could I use??

  5. Your skin is combination.
    After doing skin care that helps moisturizing your skin, with little to no oiliness. Do makeup like everyone else does, and than apply serum powder innisfree has powder type and cushion powder type for easier use around the oily parts like T zone and U zone, this will the makeup from meting by your foundation. I hope this helps :) for more information about product etc. email me dear~

  6. just watched this video, hmm I will keep a lookout for rice paper and green tea the next time i go grocery shopping!


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