Thursday, May 2, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Blogger / Lady Fox] Innisfree Soybean Firming Neck Cream

[Korean Cosmetic Blogger / Lady Fox] Innisfree Soybean Firming Neck Cream

When applying BB cream you know how you want your neck to also tone up so that it doesn't look like you wear a white mask? well, if you have done that, did you give your neck skin care before applying? Your face is not the only one who need skin care, your neck needs it too.

If you don't do thick makeup and you've never applied makeup on your neck, that doesn't mean you can just ignore it! plus your neck experience sun rays, dust, cold wind just like your face. If you give yourself eye cream, why not neck cream?

Since we bend our neck so much some of you may already (in the eyes we call them wrinkles) have bent lines and you can't get rid of them with just lotion.

I'll introduce you a neck cream, Innisfree Soybean Firming neck Cream.

Name :  Innisfree Soybean Firming neck Cream
Price / Amount : 18,000won / 80ml
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

Remember every morning clean your neck, if you applied makeup clean it well before bed.
After wash you can use this neck cream!

Soybean is known to have the ability to heal wrinkles, something I need dearly
Very Creamy Yumm.....
It's not sticky at all, but kinda tight inside the cream. Reminds me of a rice cake, if you ever had one when visiting Korea you might know what I mean.

I love this product, can you see all the moist?
A lot of neck product has no healing ability, 
just moisturize it so that it doesn't age, faster.
However this product can heal your skin, and stretch out your wrinkles
For better result Innisfree said apply it as if you are petting your skin from top to bottom

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About the Author : Born in Korea but lived overseas for 12 years, loves Korean Skin Care. Back in Korea and enjoying her hometown more than ever! Loves buying Cosmetic and Skin care and loves to share that opportunity to her readers! See her shipping delivery on her private google community.


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  2. hmm..soybeans..have you tried the emulsion from this soybean series of innisfree?

    1. Ah the one with the rolling stuff on the lid! Yup I've used it before I'm getting ready for a review ;)
      I'll tell all about it than :P

    2. you are so kind to all your readers! <3 will be looking forward to it!

    3. LOL Thank you for your kind wards Y_Y I'll uplaod it as fast as I can :P

    4. nah, no hurries, take your time!

  3. Hi , may i ask you something about the ingredients list ? does it have parabens ? or dimethicone ? thank you ^-^ would you like to follow each other ? ^-^ let me know <3

    1. This product don't have Parabens or Dimethicone! All human skin tested! Don't worry dear and try it out if you want to :)
      I'll go visit your blog~;)

  4. I wish I saw this review before I went to Korea T___T

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    1. Oh Did you miss this product? ;-( that's so sad


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