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[Korean Cosmetic Blogger / Lady Fox] The Face Shop Face & it Concealer

Anyone up for a losing weight?
Well did you know? If you starve to lose weight you're body will become a type of body that will get fat with just drinking water.
Lose weight by eating well (Not just vegetable, because some veggies can get you gain weigh too) eating mixture of all thing but with no fat.

I'm in a healthy weight but it is easier to lose weight than keep the weight steady, so I'm kind of going towards fat, I decided I should be more careful what I eat. I walked across a magazine saying this recipe is for YOU! BEST RECIPE TO LOSE WEIGHT!

Obviousness, I looked at it so closely that I memorized it and wanted to try it myself!
and this is how it turned out!
This is from the magazine

Nope,,,, just kidding
It's a salad and I wanted to show how I did it but....
I know it's a salad but I swear you can do better than I did...:/

It's quiet simple (But I can't cook so it is only simple to you guys)
Slice the chicken breast (lot of protein low fat meat) so you can eat it in one bit
slice the veggies, cabbages, tomato, and you should slice the egg(after you boil it)
To boil the egg put it in a boiling water for 10 min.
Cover the chicken breasts with flour
Break raw egg and mix it well, and put in the chicken breast(covered with flour)
make sure it well covered with egg
Than cover the chicken breast with bread crum
than pour in oil into a fry pan and put in all the chicken and fry it well
But all these thing into a bowl 
You can just eat all of this raw or add dressing
(careful some dressing has a lot of Calories)
Or you can just use salt and pepper 
Or add herbs for taste

When you go on a diet sometimes your body wears off
especially if you are not doing your eating right.
Or you are straining yourself

When that happens, your face dies, no practically do die...believe me I know
all the dark circles will extend
your skin turns yellow or pale
You may lose weight (for a short time)
But your face will turn ill
It will take a while before you can recover

Until than you do succeed in recovering
You need something to cover up all that dark circles

I'll introduce you to the BEST concealer of the year
The Face Shop Face & it Concealer
There is three types of color this is NB21 (not too light and not too dark)

I love it how it is two sided, they are both so easy to use
The lip gloss side is bit thicker than the lipstick side

This is using jello eye liner to test their coverage
The lip gloss side needed only one layer
The lipstick part needed three layer to look like it in the picture

Overall the coverage is really good
(remember I used jello eye liner those is not easy to cover)
Lip gloss side need more professional skill or you might end up skin toned spots!
It does has bit of moist but it can turn dry
so remember to use moisturizer fist before use

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About the Author : Born in Korea but lived overseas for 12 years, loves Korean Skin Care. Back in Korea and enjoying her hometown more than ever! Loves buying Cosmetic and Skin care and loves to share that opportunity to her readers! See her shipping delivery on her private google community.


  1. Definitely will check it out, looks great. ^^

    1. It does! Always try it before purchase! I'm glad I could be of help! come back for more post!

  2. Hi! I hv just bought this concealer in NB21 as well. May I know what is the best way to apply it? Ive tried alot of concealers and most just give me a slight black/grey eye circle after that. Even when I used salmon coloured concealer.

    Aside from concealer, is there anything I hv to use on top of that? I usually just apply powder above it.. Not sure if that is the right way.

    1. You need to apply serum powder or that concealer will erase.

      For the concealer, use the lipstick part for your dark circles and the liquid part for smaller parts that need covering

      Remember to tap around the barrier to blend so that it becomes natural and not one large skin color dot XD

  3. I've always wear sunglasses..
    so i become dark&dimple around the eye..
    Please give me some advice!!
    Do u think this concealer really solve my problem..

    1. I believe you'll need concealer, and a highlighter for this :-d


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