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[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blog / Mamonde] Mamonde Extra Mositure Package Part 1 Skin Toner

Mamonde Extra Mositure Package contains Skin toner & Emulsion & Cream

Price / Amount : 15,000 / 200ml
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This package is specially for dry and sensitive skin. Sensitive skin and Dry skin can have rashes when applied products that has alot of nutrition and mositer but this Moisture Package is just for that.

This Extra Moisture can not excude "flowers" Like the pretty pink packages it's product contains so many types of flowers Hyaluronic acid, Lupine extract, Snow lotus extract, and of course Ceramide which play a important role, it makes a sheild around the skin so moist will not escape.

This blockage may sound like nothing but if you have experienced the disappearing of moist cream and seeing your skin still dry, you know this is something you want.

Moisterizer Skin toner is used after face wash. After wash dry and sensitive skin may feel tension around the face. Skin toner will calm the tension down and heal your tired skin.

If you have used moist cream and don't like the stickiness it gives you'll like this toner because it's like skin, fast absorbance and fresh texture

Since it is made of flower it does smell like one. The sent is not so thick but not weak.

Hope you Enjoyed Mamonade Extra Moisture Package
Lady Fox
Lady Fox

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    1. I'm not the best writer but I'm so happy you find this article helpful, you really made my day. Thx for your support I will upload good infomation that will help your flawless skin XD

      P.S.Have you seen the other part 2 and 3 or this article?


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