Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tonymoly brand Mineral Skin-Fit BB Concealer SPF30 Review

Tonymoly brand Mineral Skin-Fit BB Concealer SPF30 Review

Tony Moly is the cheap brand with good quality. Although cheap I feel the amount is not much. fully rolled out I feel it's about only 6cm or so.
This product is made small and light so it is easy to take around inside my bag, however because it's light it seems to easily break.

This concealer strongest point is that it has very high covering strength and is very useful when you need to cover up dimples, moles or any under tone part of the skin. Even the parts where foundation could not cover with this concealer it works very well.

This product has two colors

1.Left is Light 2. Right is Normal

Tips: When using this product I advice you take a sponge to past it on your skin. You don't want boundaries.

Overall, compared to price and the fact that it breaks, it has very well covering ability, enough moist and blocks sun's ultraviolet rays.

Lady Fox
Lady Fox

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