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How to Have Flawless skin! Best Tips You Must Know About Pore Care!

As we get older we slowly notice pores getting wider and wider. As the pore grows so does our concern.

I know I have talked about taking care of pores using clay mask, sleeping and sheet masks, exfoliation, tightening etc. However I am getting emails about how they are getting ance or pore problems when they are using these products or getting them even though they do 'pore care'. First I thought it was the product problems but it couldn't be because I am using them myself. I realized that it was the method and the way you take are of the pores causing pore widening and pore problmes.

Today I will sum up all the pore care once and for all! So that your pore concerns is no longer a concern.


To fix a problem you gotta know the reason for it. 
When you get through your teens your skin start to create a lot of greasy skin oil. With that so does the size start to grow. The reason why your pore widens by age is because collagen and elastic in your skin starts to loose it's tight structure. Because the pore widens downwards thanks to the gravity it looks bigger than it actually is.


Let's get the facts right first.
#1 If you sweat your pore widens?
Sweat comes out of your sweat glands not your pores so it doesn't matter at all.
However after sweating if you do not wash the grease and unclean sweat components could cause pore problems by causing infections and these can cause pore widening. 
So wash your sweat off to prevent this.

#2 Widened Pores Can You Really make it disappear again?
I am sorry yes, there are products out there that advertise they tighten pores but it's really hard to tighten up a pore that has widened. But that doesn't mean you should give up, you should fix your habit and way you take care of it to prevent it getting wider. Which I will explain more later.

So really? The product doesn't work?
It does seem to work but only give a little effect in my personal experience.
Most products out there has Alcohol, Entol, Camper, Witch Hazelthat makes it FEELS like it's tightening but this irritates the skin causing more skin oil which can cause pore widening even more.

#3 Skin Treatment is it really worth it?
Skin treatment can help the pore however it depends on how you take care of your pores afterwards, it could either help or the irritation can just cause your pore widen up and get sensitive. 

After skin treatment remember to talk with your doctor how you can make sure this doesn't happen. It will require long time after treatment care to make sure it's worth your money.

#4 Too much Primer is not good for your pores?
One of the ingredients primer has silicon ingredients that creates a layer over your pores if skin can not let go of skin oil it could just blockage and if infected a terrible painful acne. 

#5 Pore that loosen with age is it possible to reverse it?
Lose Pores of age
You need to make sure you start preventing. 
The things that helps loosen pores are the following
Tighening, Moisturizing, Sun Block
These three is the golden rule for tight flawless skin.

So now that you got that fact in order you need to know how to take care of the pores. 

#1 Skin Temperature
Pore are very sensitive to temperature.
The higher the temperature the pore ages faster.
The good temperature for your pores 30~32℃ 

*Tip about cooling products
Ethanol , denatured alcohol, di-methyl ethyl propane etc, these ingredients give the product a cooling feeling. Sometimes these steal the heat out of the skin can cause irritation. Remember to test it the product out before purchase.

#2 Tightening Care
This is something you should do every day. 
Never stop lifting your skin to keep the skint tightened!
With moisturizing cream / oil apply on your skin and pull the skin from the chin towards upwards to the ears and side of your eyes.
I always do this massage every day in the morning at night when I do my skin care.

#3 Oil Control
Pore widening happens often to oily skin and this is why.
Too much cleansing! I know... you must have heard about two step cleansing which is great however, if can also just irritate your skin more causing more oil skin.

Two step cleansing is to make sure your makeup is erased properly. 
I use Banila co cleansing cream to melt eye and lip makeup and use a none-irritating cleansing products to get rid of the rest.

After you cleans your skin well and clean (this is more important than cleansing your face multiple times) Get rid of oil stuck in your pores with BHA ingredient products. 

Just by clean care of your pores can keep your pores causing problem.

Now I get angry whenever I get emails from readers who has pore problems and not washing your makeup is the reason. 
Not washing your makeup can cause skin trouble and skin aging.

If you had a drink and fall asleep without washing off your makeup, this just speed things up because alcohol increase skin temperature, which opens up pores and the makeup just clogs your pores much easier.

Without work you can not keep a healthy flawless skin.
Don't let your laziness cause you trouble.
Lady Fox
Lady Fox

About the Author : Born in Korea but lived overseas for 12 years, loves Korean Skin Care. Back in Korea and enjoying her hometown more than ever! Loves buying Cosmetic and Skin care and loves to share that opportunity to her readers! See her shipping delivery on her private google community.


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