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35 Rules To Healthy and Beautiful Skin

35 Rules To Healthy and Beautiful Skin

1. Do not smoke! Seriously don't even smell or let the smoke touches your skin. Not only will you are prone to lung cancer but it will speed up your skin aging.

2. Drinking A lot of Water. This doesn't mean you should get a 2L bottle and finish drinking it within 5 minutes. Drink a lot through out the day. Other jucies does not count because even most 'Organic Juice' has Preservative

3. bare food makes your feet dry and rough, Keep your feet warm with soaks.

4. Too hot water or salt massage can loosen your skin and your blood vessels. Loose Blood vessels can cuase skin aging. If you can't resist hot water bath or salt massage give yourself a cold water rinse to tighten up the skin.

5. Sweating with Heat does not burn fat it only dehydrate your skin. Fat burns by heat made by the body by working out. Acknowledge the difference.

6. Eyes and Lips are different skin you must have different type of skin care fore each.

7. Too much dead skin and lack of moist can cause powder and makeup pigment fly away.

8. Do not eat anything for 4 hours before bed time. Even your digestive system needs time out.

9. More than 3 cups of coffee can turn your teeth yellow and disturbe your sleep

10. Too much heating and Air condition can cause dehydration to the skin. This will increase the speed of aging.

11. Always before you wake up in the morning give your arms and leg bit of stretching.

12. Alchole forces your liver to work over night. Try not to drink more than 3 times a week. Too much alchole can harm your liver and also makes your skin look ill and yellowish.

13. On the weekends instead of nap try to sleep an hour earily.

14. You always want to keep yoru skin moisty than greasy.

15. Any skin troubles always go see a doctor

16. If you do not have relaxation pack, grind potato and use aloe as skin pack. But try to use good relaxation pack when needed.

17. Even if the product advertise 0% trans fat do not believe them. Because anything under 0.5g per 100g is labled as 0. Eating 200g cracker means 1g of trans fat inside your blood vessels.

18. Force yourself to eat fruits and veggies.

19. When you go outside remember to always apply sun block. After 2~3 hours remember to use compact with sun block effect to keep the sun block working. More Information about Sun Block Read Here.

20. Squeezing acne is like ripping off skin and causing it to get infected.

21. Eat a lot at lunch but eat less in dinner. This is to ensure you have enough energy during the afternoon when you use the your energy the most but reduce energy at night to keep the left over energy to stack up as fat.

22. Too much salt is not good for your health. Eating a cup of noodles has all the salt you  need for a day. If you are to eat anything else with salt with the cup of noodles remember to keep off salt for at least 2 days.

23. Sun tan or tanning is like making hardened skin on your nice skin. If you wish to tan yourself give up looking young.

24. Wear large sun glass to block your skin from getting dark spots.

25. Humidfier is not only for your neck but also for your skin.

26. Do not get any skin care illegally.

27. Alwaysdisinfect your cosmetic tools.

28. Always do deep care for your skin for 1 hour per week.

29. Make a Pack and exfoliation care schedual on your cosmetic desk. O,X days that you follow and days you did not.

30. Vitamin C keeps your skin from aging and keep your skin clear and bright.
For your hair eat iron, For energy Magnasium, For bone and nerves Calcium

31. If you got tanned without meaning to, remember to do whitening care that day. Dark spots are best erased the day it was created.

32. Sun rays is not always hot. Cold ski has enough sun rays bouncing off the snow to cause skin aging. Remember to always wear thick sun block.

33. Try to make smiling as a habbit. This will help preventing muscle getting big under your chin.

34. If you rub your skin around your eyes its like rubbing one sheet of tissue.

35. Starving is not a idea way to lose weight Because Starving to lose weight uses your muscle into glucose cuasing you to lose muscle instead of fat. As you lose muscle your body becomes more prone to make fat.
Estella Roy
Estella Roy

About the Author : Born in Korea but lived overseas for 12 years, loves Korean Skin Care. Back in Korea and enjoying her hometown more than ever! Loves buying Cosmetic and Skin care and loves to share that opportunity to her readers! See her shipping delivery on her private google community.


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