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Dry Damaged Hair? My Method for Dry and Damaged Hair

Dry and Damaged Hair, usually comes when you do bleaching or dying your hair bit too much or perming your hair with high heat too often. It can also happen when you are recovering from some sort of illness, or you hare having unbalanced nutrition.

If your reason are the second part I suggest you first eat well, and go see a nutritionist for advice. However if you are looking for a immediate effect for your hair (for a special date or just for everyday neat look for work) I found the perfect product for you.

It's Made in Korea, (Love Korean Cosmetic Products, don't you?) and it's the SAME product that you pay (or actually in my experience BETTER) 10 TIMES more expensive in hair salons for One time use. Seriously, with one tube I can use it for more than 5 times and I have shoulder length hair, (although I do not have thick hair) but still, it's more than ONE. So basically, if I did the math correctly it's 50 time more expensive. (If I am wrong sorry I was never even close to a B student when it comes to math.)

[ESTHETIC HOUSE] CP-1 Keratin Silk Injection for Dry/Damaged Hair(Ebay) (Not A Wash Off Product)

If you prefer (Amazon)

If you like to do hair treatment there is a Treatment Type which you can apply, wrap it for 15 min and wash it off. The product is called :CP-1 Ceramide Treatment Protein Repairs System Dry Damage hair(Ebay). But seriously who has the TIME? I certainly don't, actually I first learn about this Brand through the Treatment Type wash off product and I loved it, but was too lazy to use up the rest of it so I used it perfectly for a gift for my friend's birthday. It worked nicely as a gift.

When Esthetic House brought out a new product that is not a wash off product I ran and bought a stock full of the product. YEAH! I loved it so much I convinced so many people to go get a stock full like I did, of course the softness of my hair did the most of the work but since I can't pull my head out of your computer screen to let you touch my hair. I will do my best to show what a great product this is and I would recommend it to anyone who is going through the Damaged Hair Crisis, believe me I know and been through that and I can totally agree with you that it is one H@!! of a Crisis.

Protein Care for Damaged and Dry Hair


This product is actually not hard to use at all, You shampoo your hair and do conditioning (In Korea we sometimes call this Rinse(린스) so I always thought that you English countries call Rinse too, too bad I was wrong....). and before you blow dry you apply the gel on your hair, all around and than blow dry it.


It lasted at least 3 days and even if I washed after 2 days I can still feel my hair soft. The effect appear right after you finish your blow dry or heating your hair. So I just had to buy more after the first try. It was worth the extra shipping fee.

So What exactly does it do?

The product helps with hair that breaks when you pull, helps with damaged hair form heating. Helps with the puffing of the hair when it's dry, by giving a immediate gloss and tightening with strength.

Your damaged hair is all scratchy. What the product does is it pulls your hair together inwards so that the hair will gain strength, and finishing off with a protein coating so that your hair will have immediate change. The strength of the product is so strong that it last even if you wash your hair so no worries that the coating will wash off with water or sweat, which is great for the summer when the beach season comes.


Purchase Through Ebay! 
CP-1 Keratine Silk Injection 20ml

A nice tube type, great for clean use and prevents the product from leaking out too much, or any contamination.

 Purchase Through Amazon 

The product does feel sticky when you apply on your hair but as you blow dry and the product soaks into your hair and it's no longer sticky but turns your hair soft and strong. 

My DSL camera was stolen by my own brother who thinks that he can take away any product he wants too, after he came to my home for dinner! ARG He will always be that naught brother that also pulls sister's hairs. So all my pictures in this review is taken by my Galaxy 2 phone camera. Yikes, how can I still call myself a Blogger!

After Pictures : My hair! So soft and looks so neat!
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I don't care if its about the product, my hand or my hair! Let me know I love to hear you voice!

Estella Roy
Estella Roy

About the Author : Born in Korea but lived overseas for 12 years, loves Korean Skin Care. Back in Korea and enjoying her hometown more than ever! Loves buying Cosmetic and Skin care and loves to share that opportunity to her readers! See her shipping delivery on her private google community.


  1. Hi!!

    Thanks for the tip!!

    Greetings from Mexico :)

    1. Wow! From Mexico! How hot is it there?
      Korea is getting hot too but sometimes rain comes by and I can survive.
      Anyways I am glad you loved my tip! love to see you at my Community where I upload more tips I think out of my head XP

  2. I just bought this on ebay, and I just loooooveeeee it sooo muuuch <3 also, since I'm going to Korea in a few months, I plan to repurchase it, where do you think I can get it? Is it available in olive young or any other drugstore or do I have to purchase them online?


    1. Oh this seem to be only availabe online in Korea dear, Hmmm. Maybe you can try the olive young and other drugstores but I haven't seen one before

    2. I bought mine at 759 supermarket in hongkong ^^


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