Monday, August 4, 2014

How to Make Your Eyes Deeper and Bigger with Makeup?

I learn this tutorial from Ameli, they really have Beautiful colors I really want the whole collection but they could get expensive XD gotta find alturnative on cheaper brands like Aritaum and Etude House, or maybe innisfree too.

How to Do eye Makeup that makes your eyes look More Dreamy and Bigger?

Step 1, Base Color on the eye Lid

Around that parts that is mentioned above apply light brown eye shadow to give it a brighter look around the eyes and plus it's important to do a base color to help the color last longer.

The model picture used this color
Or you can use similar colors like etude house has  
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Ameli Eye shadow Mango Bubble Smoothie #183

2. Give Volume on the Eyes

Use a nice eye shadow brush or finger and apply on the front and the tail and give a nice smear on the brush along the eye line to blend the lighter color on the base and the darker brown color. 

Any normal color of brown that is bit more darker than the base will work.

3. Now lighten up the center of the eyelid
Something brown or coal that has bit of glitter texture
So that when you blink your eyes shimmer XD

You can see these color often xD

4. Draw Eye line but remember to leave the center of the underline(Where there is arrows)
uncolored XD You will see why.

5. Now get a dark brown matte color and apply on top of the eye line to give a softer look on the eyes and brighten up the eyes.
This also helps with eye line to last longer too.
 Nice matte brown shadow~
will work

6. Now refill on the triangle tail on the end 

7. Use nice light orange on the front and for the underline
Although it shows pink here in the picture use orange,
I just didn't want complications.

Put on your eyelashes and color in mascara to make blend them together.

8. Now give it the finishing touches of lovely and glamorous look
put on nice glitter on the underline.

Lol, they use this or you can use gold or what ever you like
This will really give that tear drop effect that makes boys want to do ANYTHING to cheer you up XD 

Beautiful Eye Makeup Finished

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