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Aritaum, All Color Swatches, Mono Eye Shadow Series #1

It's been a while, I know, I these day I have a terrible day schedule and it's hard for me to keep up with various review requests and all.
Call me crazy but Look what I got for you to all see!!! Aritaum Mono Eye Shadow All Colors!
Except for the new 60~67 series, I got them all (Some are from my friend I borrowed) to show you the colors and my personal opinion and what I like to use them as.

Beaut Vocabulary :
Eye Base : The first color you use to color all over your eyelid
Point Color : Colors you would use in the tail or the front or both
Underline : Colors you would use under the eyes to give a dreamy, sweet eyes that looks twice without makeup.

Mono Eye shadow has been renewed many times, and first it wasn't so good because of the shadow fall outs and stuff. If you have been looking at some of the older reviews or beauty bloggers who somehow got the older version, you might see complaints that it has terrible fall outs. The renewed versions is much better, there are few glitter product that do occasionally have small amount of fall outs but most of the matte finish doesn't. So I hope there is no confusions. My product are all from Artiaum Official Brand Shop and is newest version.

BEFORE you start, I must say I am sorry for all that uneven size and bit different pictures.
I didn't take them all at once but in different time and places because some of them is my friends. Also I am terrible on editing, I have no clue to make the size the same so keep that in mind I hope that doesn't bother you all from reading this post~ XD
#6 Nude Glow #8 Friday #14 Every Day #28 Clutch
#6 Nude Glow 
Nude Glow has this unbelieving small glitter a very soft glitter that you can't notice it on the swatches. It's a creamy texture that you can easily use for eye base. A beautiful color that can make the eyes one step deeper
#8 Friday 
Purple shadow sometimes makes the eyes look like it's bruised but this color really has that luxurious look that, unless you are trying to look like you've been on a fight it's hard to make it look bruised XD I think it's great to apply as Underline or on the tail of the eyes to make the eyes look bit more mysterious and chick. 
#14 Every Day 
Every day it was really hard for me to make that color of swatches on my skin
Because the pigment is very light and it's something you use as base color, to brighten up your eyes and cover up yellowish color. The pink isn't strong so it's good color to use for everyday. It has that lovely soft feeling to it that it's okay to just apply this one color to make the lovely look without making it so obvious.
#28 Clutch
Clutch is probably the worst fall outs in this series,
The color is very light..
I hope Aritaum could renew this product for better product
Right now I use this as a point color on the front part of my eyes on top a creamy textured cream eye shadow as base, which helps reduce the fall outs.
Although these days I am more into using Ameli Glitter Spot
#33 Earth #34 Brown Stone #36 Golden Khaki #37 Secret Beam
#33 Earth 
I personally think if there is just one color you can choose from Aritaum I would choose Earth
I use this color so much that it makes the Aritaum eye shadow amount not enough for me XD
I use this as front and tail of the eyes to make the eyes more texture looking. Sometimes I use this as bit of shadowing on my nose for more texture.
#34 Brown Stone 
Most matte textured eye shadow in Aritaum series It does has glitter that is not so easy to notice clearly. It's a strong brown but yet the colors come out so soft that it doesn't make the eyes look too heavy when you use this on the eyes.
A good collection for brown lovers XD
#36 Golden Khaki 
A Lancom's cheaper version. I love the soft golden feeling this has
and it goes great with gray colors and great for lighter smokey makeup.
#37 Secret Beam
I mostly use this as underline instead of eyeliner
Sometimes to help my brown eyeliners to last longer I like to apply this color on top or just use this instead to give the eye more softer look. 
I like to use this color on the center of the underline which makes the eyes looks much larger than it is. XD
I wasn't able to get Dress Code #38
But this is a very famous color for it is similar to MAC Honey Lust
It's a cheaper version and has deeper coal color, it's hard to met this color because when ever I go to the shop it's always out of stock, manager said, it was restocked 4 days ago.
I heard #53 Take that is even more similar to MAC Honey Lust but has that lighter coal color that works with anything you'll see on the next series

#39 Orange Cocktail #41 Swiss Veil #43 Athens #45 Cozy Breeze 
#39 Orange Cocktail 
Lovely Glitter! That I use quiet often, I am one of those girls that Orange works better than Pink, I sometimes like to do base with lighter colors and apply glitter on top overall to give a sparkling look or just on the center of the eyelid to give the shimmery sparks when I blink
#41 Swiss Veil 
Another Beautiful Glitter that I like to use as on front of the eye as underline to give that baby eyes look. 
#43 Athens 
Kinda like Orange Cocktail but has more brownish color.
#45 Cozy Breeze 
This is a ultimate best color base for yellow skin,
This really helps with making the eye shadow colors to look more beautiful and the eyes much more brighter which helps your face looks younger.
To white skin this might feel bit too yellow, but for most Asian girls you will love this as color base. However if your eyes tend to melt all your makeup away, it's best to use Aritaum Mono eyes Fix Primer.

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Estella Roy
Estella Roy

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  1. Very pretty eyeshadows! Makes me want to get them when I can't finish using the Ameli ones! Orange cocktail looks very much like Espoir's orange fever!

    1. Yup it is! I really love Ameli shadows too!!!
      Love love love but the cost is bit high so, sometimes I look for alternatives from Etude and Aritaum


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