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[Korean Makeup Blogger / Lady Fox] Caolion Pore and Mole Care, Keep those Moles Small and Your Skin Flawless!

 Keep those Moles Small and Your Skin Flawless!

Alone with the invention of High Quality TV LEDs actress and stars have to take care of their skin (especially their moles that cause white head, black head, and looking large) because, we can see it TOO well.

Well, celebrities aren't the only one needs help, unless you have 'God-Gifted-Flawless-Skin' you all need to care for your mole and pores. 

Why does your moles look so big? It is all because of the dead skin cells that are blocking the pipes! as they collect dust and your mole has a big blockage they turn into the SO-UGLY-ACNE! ARG!!!

Unless you are up for the angry arg every morning your skin needs a big clean up.

NOTE: It is the BEST product to those who have very sensitive skin, because it is make up with very natural ingredients.

I'll tell you how to use these product and what they will do to your skin that make your moles disappear! YAY! 
Caolion Pore Minimizing Pack and Blackhead Steam Pore Pack

Name : Pore Minimizing Pack
Price / Amount : 30,000won / 150g
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

Name : Blackhead Steam Pore Pack
Price / Amount : 33,000won / 150g
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

If you have gotten a massage before you'll notice how they would heat up your face with a hot towel or with steam. The black head steam pack has the same effect. This heating helps your rock hard dead-skin-cell-blockage to go loose and soft and would cling to the stuff that needs to go.
Black Head Steam Pack

After apply you can take a thermometer and find that it DOES go up 34 degree F! This gives great effect on cleaning out your moles! (Away goes my white, black head and the blockage)

Now that you have everything cleaned out it is time to close those mole tightly (so no can see it and nothing could go inside of it for a while) It's Minimizing pack's turn

The cream does it by cooling down your skin even after you have heated up. Cool science going around here. It drops your skin temperature about 34 degree F.

Now that we found out what they do. I'll tell you how to use them. I got this advice from a makeup Beauties JiYeon Lee (my hero!) 

TO 20's skin
Your T zone (Nose and your forehead) will be oily and greasy, you need that part cleaned up with the black head steam pack and the U zones (under the eyes, cheek, chin) will be dry, for dry parts use the minimizing pack
TO 30's skin
Your skin needs overall are so use the first step by usuing The Black Head Steam pack after wash use the Minimizing Pack 

 More about the product!

Black Head Steam Pack

When Applied on skin / After hardening for 15 min I gave a gentle push
The black head pack when touched it felt moist but when I applied it it felt very sticky (well, we need that to pull out all the mole blockage) Maybe some might feel your skin irritated when rubbing it in, I advice you to apply and spread but not rub. 

When I gave the Black Head 15 min of hardening you can see there is no crack, it is still moist but sticky

Minimizing Pack

When Applied on skin / After hardening for 15 min I gave a gentle push

 I was suprised when applying this minimizing cream, it almost felt like moisturizer cream. Very moist and creamy

After I gave it 15 min of hardening, there wasn't a lot of cracks because it still had some of the moist. It also still have that creamy feeling so there wasn't a lot of pull on the skin for irritation. This is very good for those like me who have sensitive skin. I also like that cool feeling it gives to your skin.

Lady Fox
Lady Fox

About the Author : Born in Korea but lived overseas for 12 years, loves Korean Skin Care. Back in Korea and enjoying her hometown more than ever! Loves buying Cosmetic and Skin care and loves to share that opportunity to her readers! See her shipping delivery on her private google community.


  1. This is amazing! Thank you for your review! :) <3

    1. It is great!! It's one of my favorite pore creams

      Actually they are doing a sale right now if you are interested go check out the link, and if you want me to get if for you send me, let me know through my email :

    2. Wrong Link sorry for the confusion :

  2. I like using these! i got samples for both of these products. i was soo suprised when the steam mask become hot. haha i've never tried something like this before! these are good product. i don't need to put hot towel on my face to steam my face anymore :)

    1. I know!! The heating feature is just so COOL! XD
      I know some might be surprised and think it's something terrible skin trouble, so I suggest everyone to read before use!

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