Friday, February 8, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blog / Mamonde] Mamonde Extra Mositure Package Part 3 Cream

Mamonde Extra Mositure Package contains Skin toner & Emulsion & Cream

Price / Amount : 17,000 / 50ml
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This might give off a buttery feeling but it's quiet light. Maybe Normal skin types wouldn't like this product while the dry / sensitive skin types girls will Love it.

This whole Mamonde Extr Moisture Package is for the dry / sensitive so if you are more of natural ingredience type, this you will love.

This product is thick so no flowling downwards. You may worry that it wouldn't smooth out much but suprisingly it smooth out over you skin well. Very Light too.

Hope you enjoyed Mamonde Extra Mositure Package
Lady Fox
Lady Fox

About the Author : Born in Korea but lived overseas for 12 years, loves Korean Skin Care. Back in Korea and enjoying her hometown more than ever! Loves buying Cosmetic and Skin care and loves to share that opportunity to her readers! See her shipping delivery on her private google community.

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