Best Korean Skin Care Routine, Learn How to do Korean Skin Care Line

Best Korean Skin Care Routine, Learn How to do Korean Skin Care Line

Did you know that there is such thing as "Korean Skin Care Line"? Korean girls has a special skin care routine that consist of 20 different cosmetic. One of the reason why they have beautiful skin. Now I don't mean that its the BEST way. Because like your stomach your skin has a point when it's just too full to consume. Now this method is combination of the famous Korean skin care line and way to do it the correct way.

1. Cleansing : Cleaning Your Skin

No matter what you do to a dirty skin it will do nothing but damage. You want to use a cleansing that has no irritation what so ever. If you have makeup one. You want to first wipe off the eyes and lip makeup with a first step of cleansing and overall the face for the second step of cleansing.

You can use Cleansing Tissue like innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Tissue one of my favorite or you can use Espoir Pro Intense Cleansing Toner Professional Use (Review) which I tend to use more often because of convenience. Just pump some cleansing water onto your cotton and wipe off eyes and lips. I like to just place the cotton pad for a few seconds to let soak in and wash off more easily.
Espoir Pro Intense Cleansing toner Professional Use
Espoir Pro Intense Cleansing Toner Professional Use 
For Second Step of cleansing I like to use cleansing oil, cleansing deep foams tend to hurt my skin but dry pulling after wash with cleansing oil you'll experience less of tension. I like to use Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil (Review).

Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil
Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil
The key here is to do cleansing without irritation.

2.  Exfoliate : Preparing Skin For Skin Care

Missha Super Aqua D-Tox Peeling Gel
Missha Super Aqua D-Tox Peeling Gel
I tend to do exfoliate once every week. The reason why exfoliate is important is it's a way to clean off dead skin that could block skin care from absorbing into the skin. Also these blockage can cause skin troubles and sensitivity. It's best to exfoliate once a week (once every 2 weeks for sensitive skin).  Learn In Dept On How To Exfoliate Properly

For Exfoliate I like to use Missha Super Aqua D-Tox Peeling Gel (Review)  it's very soft on the skin and I feel it does have that moist finish that is not easy to find among peeling gel. Yes there is product that does very soft exfoliate for daily skin care like innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener (Review) you can wipe off the peel left over with cotton pad with skin or wash it off with flowing water I recommend this to sensitive skin this will help you get new skin that is no longer sensitive to things.
innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener
innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener 

3. Sheet Mask : Boosting Your Skin

I like to do sheet mask every time I do weekly exfoliating to strengthen the newly opened skin, it's also really speed up the skin expression on a special day when you need to look good. There is a lot of sheet mask you could go for. I tend to get those cheaper sheet mask of each road brand in Korea.

4. Deep Moisturizing : Always Done After Exfoliate

Always after Exfoliate you want to strengthen the new baby skin that you opened. Remember to give deep moisture and nutrition to have strong healthy skin.

Skin Care Rule : Give Each Skin Care Step to Absorb If You Want To Hurry Up The Waiting Process There is Way To Do Skin Care With Brush : The Way Makeup Artist Does Skin Care
  • First Toner / Skin : Cleansing One Last Time Before skin Care
    This is the first step of your skin care. You want to get your skin perfectly free of dirty and oil. There are products out there that even cleans off oil inside pores because for oily skin just a minute your pores will get stuck in oil again. For these people I suggest Skin food Black Sugar Perfect First Serum (Review)(Always use with cotton pad they give you). For dry skin Nature Republic The First Essence (Review) give you deep moisture and whitening care.
Skin Food Tomato Line Emulsion & Tony Moly Snail Emulsion
Skin Food Tomato Line Emulsion & Tony Moly Snail Emulsion
  • Emulsion / Lotion : Moisture and Oil Balancing with Whitening CareI like to call this step whitening care step. It's the first step of moisturizing and the product that has the first chance to soak into the skin. That's why in whitening lines I suggest get the emulsion and if you like it get the rest of the line. emulsion has the most crucial ingredients for whitening.

    Remember to use product that has little to no oil if you are oily skin, if you have dry skin you want something deep moisture. I used Skin Food Tomato Line Emulsion (Review) for whitening concentrated skin care. I used Tony Moly Snail Emulsion (Review) for deep moist and tightening care(wrinkle care).
Skin Food Tomato Line Emulsion & Tony Moly Snail Emulsion
Skin Food Tomato Line Emulsion & Tony Moly Snail Emulsion
  • Eye Cream : Wrinkle Care From 20's
    If you are early 20's get ready for preventing wrinkles, because it will explode when you get to the 30's if you have not cared for wrinkle early on. I like to use product that is not sticky.

    My favorite is The Skin House Wrinkle Eye Cream Plus (Review) I like it because it's not slippery or sticky finish which is much helpful when I do eye makeup. For more high end wrinkle care product I like to use insobeau Super Yellow Set (Review) I haven't seen a product that has the quality this has. 
The Skin House Wrinkle Eye Cream Plus & insobeau Super Yellow Set
The Skin House Wrinkle Eye Cream Plus & insobeau Super Yellow Set
  • Moisturizing Cream : Finishing off Moisturizing Care
    Cream, is something you want to have it is the deepest moisturizing care you can do in skin care. These days there is so many additional features to moisturizing cream that you might be surprised what more you can get other than moisturizing. For example, wrinkle care, whitening care, oil free for oily skin, etc.

    I like to choose cream occuring to the skin condition and Korea weather. In summer my skin is very oily so I like to use Neozen Code 9 Black Volume Cream (Review). For Winter I like to use something bit more deeper like Laneige Water Bank EX Cream (Review).

Neozen Code 9 Black Volume Cream & Laneige Water Bank EX Cream
Neozen Code 9 Black Volume Cream & Laneige Water Bank EX Cream
For Faster way to do this Skin Care Routine See my Post about using Sponge and Brushes to speed up your Morning Skin Care


  1. Hola! muy completo tu articulo de rutina facial :)
    Tengo una rutina facial muy pobre :-) aún debo añadir bloqueador solar y mejorar la limpieza ;-(
    Con el tiempo mejoraré ^^, gracias por los productos que recomiendas, ahorraré para comprar alguno de los productos que reseñas y probarlos en mi piel (o)
    Que tengas una buena noche y linda semana, me gusta mucho tu blog (k)
    Hello! very complete your routine facial article :)
    I have a very poor facial routine :-) still should add sunscreen and improve cleaning;-(
    Over time I will improve ^^, thanks for the products you recommend, I'll save to buy any of the reviews and test products on my skin (o)
    Have a good night and nice week, I really like your blog (k)
    -sorry, my English and google translator is not very good :P

    1. Hi! Glad that you loved my facial article.
      It's is bit hard to understand your lanaguage but I could tell that your skin is much better after reading my review! YEAH! that's the whole purpose of this article to help out girls who needs help :-d
      If you need any help or have questions post them up I'll try my best to help you out!


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